The God paradox

Maybe it was through art, maybe through fiery, angry sermons. I don’t know where...

Your perfect provision, NOW

Sometimes people put unreasonable expectations on God. We expect things that He never promised and then...

You are set apart

I did a chapel for the Milwaukee Brewers a number of years ago. That was a big deal. Where I used to live...

The ultimate release

Life a struggle. Anybody will tell you that. No matter where we end up, we will wrestle with problems...

The present of presence

The first fatherly trait in Exodus is one of the most important for any sort of relationship: He’s around.

Who's your daddy?

Often people build their view of God on their view of whomever they call father in this life.

Three big questions you must answer

The issue of “God” cannot be avoided. Immediately, when we consider our belief in God, three vitally important questions...

Your belief and God

That’s a very simple word: God. Three letters, one syllable, very easy to say. We see this word on...

When your road darkens

Through Sarah and Abraham we have learned a lot about biblical belief. Belief in God is...

Getting in God's wheelbarrow

It’s one of those stories that just gets better with time. Like most good stories it began with a certain amount of truth.

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