Last words

Last words carry extraordinary weight because they are memorable, and they often pack an extra punch.

A seductive glow

Even the strongest man becomes a weakling if he ignores prudent precautions and begins to play with temptation.

God’s broken heart

God disciplines His erring children. But even His discipline stems from His brokenhearted love.

Consulting the Lord

The Lord’s credentials are impeccable. He is eager to be consulted, and He offers His insights free of charge!

Helping those in trouble

We serve a Lord who distinguished Himself by the way he helped a helpless race in deep trouble.

The fight of faith

The enemies of our soul are to be countered with the five smooth stones of Scripture, prayer, fellowship, worship, and discipline.

Doing right under pressure

In times of stress, substituting human effort for obedient faith is skydiving without a parachute and flapping your arms instead.

Visionary leadership

Godly leadership is more about vision than gender.

Choose life

God chose to offer us life, then He chose to let us choose. Now the choice is ours!

Prayer for a dark land

Biblical history strongly suggests that God is willing to forgive and restore a nation in response to the prayers of His people.

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