Your best defense

The Bible continually amazes me. I guess my pride wants to think that once I have a verse figured out, I’ve got it figured out for good. But that’s not the way it works with the sword of the Spirit, God’s Word.

Your battle plan for the week

Imagine: You are standing on the front lines as a battle of epic proportions is just about to commence. Beside you are your comrades in arms… the faithful brothers and sisters...

A letter for your heart

Some time ago my mother shared with me a letter that had been found in the office of a young pastor in Zimbabwe, Africa: I am part of the Fellowship of the unashamed...

Cinching up the belt of Truth

Have you ever worn one of those weight-lifting belts and cinched it up nice and tight? It gives you a feeling of stability and strength. That’s what truth does.

Questions, questions, questions

I like asking questions. It's a great way to make people come to conclusions on their own, or, at least, lead them in the direction of truth. I once asked...

Hope for us thieves

The two men hung together in the midday heat—an unlikely couple, actually, brought together by horrific circumstances. In a matter of hours, Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God...

The worst mythstake you can make

No doubt, there are a lot of mythstakes out there about heaven, hell, and eternity. Some are foolish and some are selfish. The last myth on my list, however, is the one that breaks my heart the most...

Are your priorities in line?

In today’s demanding world, priorities and procrastination are a must. We must choose what’s most important, and we must neglect what’s less important when there are only 24 hours in a day.

What a genuine relationship with Jesus looks like

For some, Jesus is just a truck stop on the road of life. They just stop in for a fill-up and get on with life as usual. It’s Jesus when you need Him and everything you want on earth, too.

Do you have a cockeyed view of hell?

I had a classmate in high school tell me once, “I’d rather party in hell with my friends than go to heaven without them!” If he had known what the Bible teaches us about hell...

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