Do you believe belief is important?

Belief is supernatural. If you think about it, there’s really no reason on earth why a biological organism would ever evolve by natural processes...

Believing what matters

Some beliefs matter more than others, of course. It’s not a big deal if you believe it’s going to be sunny today and it turns out to be cloudy.

Your Bible and your belief

What we believe matters. It matters every second of every day. A flood of negative circumstances rushes through your life.

Do you believe?

I’d like to start off the new year with some pretty bold thinking. I know that might be a little bit dangerous, since there’s a good possibility that your brain

The best prayer I can pray for you

Okay, we’re almost done. Next week the holidays are officially over and we get back to life as usual. But first, it’s time to flip the calendar—and for some reason, we make a pretty big deal out of that

Next year, listen up!

Researchers have determined that advertisers bombard us with approximately 2,000,000,007 messages a day telling us to buy, buy, buy. Then there’s the news channels telling us to worry, worry, worry

What's in your account for next year?

Most of our New Year’s resolutions don’t survive through Valentine’s Day. By then, it’s too late to cancel the year-long contract at the gym, the budget is blown by a couple extra dinners out a week

Whose will—yours or His?

The big problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they begin with the two words, “I will…” Mustering all of the sincerity and dedication that we’re capable of, we determine...

A week for you to think

Congratulations! By the mere fact that you’re reading this devotional today, you’ve obviously negotiated your way through the holiday season without dying.

Go tell it on the mountain!

The Christmas story begins with a message from the angel Gabriel to a young girl with nothing to give except her faith in the promise...

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