In the human heart there is a thirst for approval, a longing for belonging, a hunger for acceptance.

Private and public morality

The aim of the godly person is to “walk in righteousness, in paths of justice.”

At the crossroads

The need to make choices never ends; there’s always a crossroads around the corner.

The troublemaker

There are troublemakers in all walks of life—in the office, at the church, in Congress, and on professional sports teams....

Paying attention

We are prone, like children, to allow our attention to wander.

A healthy body

In order to be spiritually healthy, believers must take their place in the community of the fellow redeemed.

The plan

God has a plan, born before the world began, centered in Christ and His church.

Point of view

In Rome, Paul was in deep trouble—but it did not bother him at all...

Cleansing at the cross

The only way to deal with sin is by the death of Christ on the cross...

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