Offering yourself to Christ alone

As the Holy Spirit enlightens your mind and illuminates Scripture as you study it, you discover truths about who you are—a creature of worship designed to bring glory to God.

Living up to what you’ve attained

When I came to Christ, I became dead to my old self. Significantly, this death is something that has already happened in Christ. It is a mystery, for certain—but it is done.

Do you really know Him?

Some of you have heard over the years that Christ lives in you. You know about that, but have you experienced it? Do you know what it looks like? Do you really know Him?

Everything you need to live your abundant Life

Everything you need to live your abundant Life you already have. He’s already given it to you. It may be “hidden in plain sight,” but you know it’s there.

Live for Christ with all you’ve got

The design of the Christian life is an intimate walk in the Holy Spirit, where we rest in Christ and allow Him to live His life through us. That’s how the race is won in the Christian faith.

Managing your sin doesn’t work

Someone who believes they’re a “sinner saved by grace” tends to focus on sin management more than pursuing intimacy with God. They’re too busy trying not to sin to really embrace life as a saint.

No longer sinners, we are holy sons and daughters

At the very moment you trusted Christ, you stopped being a sinner and started being a saint. By grace, your identity as a sinner is gone. You are now a child of God.

Prioritizing your relationship with Christ

We ought to feel the pangs of yearning for the eternal. At the same time, we need to seek joy in Christ as we go about the normalcy of today.

Prioritizing the eternal over the temporary

When we lust after the temporary pleasures of this temporary realm, we trade the best for the stuff that’s not even going to last a moment in eternity.

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