“The chicken or the egg?” (Christian Style)

Christians love to debate the craziest stuff. Here's a favorite: What comes first: faith (our assured belief in something unseen) or regeneration (God making us righteous and just)?

Your “do-over” is a done deal

No one was responsible for their own physical birth. It wasn't your idea and you didn't birth yourself. Your mother did that, and if you give her half a moment, she'll no doubt remind...

The new you

Ian Thomas had a big influence in my dad's life, and my dad had (and has!) a huge influence on mine. By challenging common Christian misunderstandings about life as a believer...

Your heart-level regeneration

A doctor on television was comparing two actual sets of hearts and lungs. One set was full of disease from smoking and too much alcohol. Dark and hardened, you could see the disease and decay…

How would you answer?

Life is filled with perplexing questions—heartrending unknowns that follow us through the day and keep us awake at night:

The ultimate do-over

Remember when you were young and you were playing four-square or something like that? Someone hit the ball, you couldn’t tell whether it was in or out

For real

Dottie liked her drinks and she was at the end. Like so many others, she looked for the relief from life’s problems at the bottom of an empty bottle.

Do you take it literally?

The little phrase “born again” became really popular in the seventies. Jimmy Carter was our President, and he said, “I am born again.”

Find God in your suffering

If you were to visit the beautiful Mediterranean island of Patmos, you might not feel so sorry for the apostle John, who was exiled there for preaching the word

Don't worry—God wins

We continue to live through unprecedented times. And if we’re honest, they can sometimes be a little scary. But because you’re in Christ—and you know He’s

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