When you're failing at many things...

You’d think sincere and pure devotion to Christ would be one of the qualifiers God looks for in a person He calls to pastor. You’d think. Paul writes...

Finding freedom in dependency

The law was not designed to bring freedom. It was designed as a fence creating a place of captivity and protection for God’s people. Paul knew the first step

Designed to make you desperate

The law is not designed to make you a disciple. The law is designed to make you desperate. As sin increased and darkness flourished, the law came...

Provocative law

Some scholars suggest the law is “provocative.” It not only names our sins, but also causes sin to increase. I agree. When I was a little boy...

Expiration Date AD 30-33

Before you rip out the pages of Deuteronomy and Leviticus, let’s wrestle with the biblical tension between law and freedom. If the law can’t save me, then why did God...

Why do we have the law?

Tension results from unknowns. It exists to keep an audience engaged and asking good questions.

Nostalgia for the soul

I don’t miss the days before GPS, when I would end up at my surprise destination and wonder, Where did I go wrong?

Hand in hand

The word bewitched is used only once in all of the New Testament. It means “to be fixated upon something that is going to destroy you.”

You can't muscle trust

Choices, choices, choices. We usually like them. What do I want on my burger? What should I do this weekend? And most of us like to keep our options...

One Gospel, one focus

Some time ago, I was watching a cross-country running race. Individuals from several high schools running their hearts out mile after mile.

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