Next year, listen up!

Researchers have determined that advertisers bombard us with approximately 2,000,000,007 messages a day telling us to buy, buy, buy. Then there’s the news channels telling us to worry, worry, worry

What's in your account for next year?

Most of our New Year’s resolutions don’t survive through Valentine’s Day. By then, it’s too late to cancel the year-long contract at the gym, the budget is blown by a couple extra dinners out a week

Whose will—yours or His?

The big problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they begin with the two words, “I will…” Mustering all of the sincerity and dedication that we’re capable of, we determine...

A week for you to think

Congratulations! By the mere fact that you’re reading this devotional today, you’ve obviously negotiated your way through the holiday season without dying.

Go tell it on the mountain!

The Christmas story begins with a message from the angel Gabriel to a young girl with nothing to give except her faith in the promise...

The real spirit of Christmas

For hundreds of years, the world has been in a culture war for possession of Christmas Day. It’s worth noting that December 25 was originally an ancient pagan holiday...

The reality of Immanuel

I have to be honest, I really do love the holiday called Christmas. Churches are a beehive of activity. Homes are a menagerie of laughter and friends and family. I love the food...

God with you in this moment

Christmas songs tell us this is “The hap-happiest time of the year! With much mistletoeing and hearts that are glowing when loved ones are near!” Psychologists, on the other hand...

God with you this season

Learning who we are in Christ is a lifelong process. 24/7/365… and class doesn’t dismiss over the holidays. In fact, there are facets to the biblical account...

Christmas every day

This Christmas, remember that the true value of a gift depends on how you measure it. Sure, a gift with a large price tag might seem more valuable, but only by the world’s standards.

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