Bad things happen

God makes everything, even evil, serve His purpose, and He brings eternal good out of temporal evil.

Respect must be earned

Leaders who demand respect often do not receive it. But you can respect a leader who leads by example,

Finishing the job

Men and women inspired with a cause that transcends purely personal preference endure more and are satisfied with less!

“I was wrong”

We should be ready to confess our sins, confident that God will hear and forgive.

Wholehearted devotion

The “good life” offers champagne in the evening but says nothing about real pain in the morning.

The faces of evil

Evil has many faces, but only one goal—to thwart the purposes of God.

Enthusiasm and experience

God made youth and old age for a reason—they need each other! So let’s thank Him for youth and praise Him for old age.

Youthful vigor

Those who read Scripture will be called to make some changes, some of which will be uncomfortable.

The Wailing Wall

For there to be reversal in the community, there must be revival in the church.

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