The struggle against sin

Sin will hinder a man while running the race and can only be dealt with by “keeping our eyes on Jesus.”

What is faith?

The believer’s life is all about believing in every dimension. The big issue is, who and what do you believe!

How to say “thank you”

Worshiping with God’s people is how you say “thank you” to the one who saved you.

God’s autobiography

God’s Word plainly and understandably proclaims how good and how gracious He truly is.

Understanding God

While our knowledge of the universe has grown exponentially, our knowledge of God has not.

Accepting responsibility

There’s great difference between one who won’t admit his own failure and one who takes the failure of others upon himself.

Fickle faith

When people panic, they resort to desperate measures. A cool head and clear conviction is what’s needed most.

All dressed up

Christians represent Christ by their deportment and behavior.

The ark

The transcendent God, who dwells in brilliant glory, desires to assure His people by His presence of His love for them.

Rivers of delight

Men need hearts that confess to spiritual thirst and unabashedly turn to “the fountain of life.”

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