When you can't sleep because of worry

It’s easy to whistle a happy tune under a cloudless sky. In fact, I seldom suffer from insomnia when all is well. It’s trouble that chases my sleep away.

Does Jesus still heal people today?

We know God has the ability to heal. But maybe you’ve had the experience of praying for someone to be healed and yet they’ve died.

Fearing freedom

Modern Christianity has done a poor job of presenting grace. I hear this often. “Grace is fine, but don’t take it too far

Dancing in the streets

Freedom releases us from fear. I am free from rejection. Free from condemnation. Free from judgment. Free!

Freedom is not a trap

Fear is rope that binds freedom. It’s hard to dance when my feet are bound. It’s hard to share a meal when my hands are tied. How can I follow when I’m unable to move?

The secret advantage of ex-marchers

It’s confession time. It’s time to figure out if you’re wired to march. Does the following statement ring true for you? People around me think I’m committed

Clash with a purpose

Since cultural clashes are nothing new under the sun, it’s comforting to know they serve a purpose. The early church is a great example of how hard times

Erasing grace

Are tribal rules really so dangerous? After all, some boundaries are healthy and certain behaviors are inappropriate. Right? If I let go of the do's and don'ts

My door is open

Culture clashes are as inevitable as wrinkles, parking tickets, and rush-hour traffic. Tension resides in differences between people when something transitions

The effect of love

In the early ‘70s, my parents were leading a church in Wisconsin that served 300 hard-working, salt-of-the-earth Midwesterners. But there was

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