Take my word for it

I’ve been known to read a book simply because of its endorsements. New author? Terrible cover? No problem if it’s supported by someone I trust.

Putting second best in its place

Sometimes the difference between best and second best is obvious. Other times we’re choosing between two good things—like taking a new job with a raise or staying

Do you know if you're drifting?

Sometimes my wife and I will be talking about something when, just for a moment, we’ll transition to a different topic. Then she’ll say something like...

To the almost-believers

Sunday mornings find me early to the office, tea in hand, and the lamps on low. I’m the only one there, so it’s nice and quiet. I spend some time with Jesus...


The news has been inundated with horrific events over the last year. It seems every week offers a new opportunity for our hearts to break.

Discover the real you!

I played a lot of basketball in college. Well, to be precise, I watched a lot of basketball—I spent most of my time sitting on the bench. The trouble was...

Lean hard into Him!

Do you ever feel like you’ve reached the end of yourself? Life’s been too tough for too long, and you’re done. You’re wrung out, you’ve run dry, and there’s nothing left.

Are you really living in freedom?

You and I know Christ brings liberty. He breaks our bondage to sin, condemnation, and fear. It’s one thing to know about this freedom intellectually.

A word from Pete: Grace that lifts

As believers in Christ, you and I are called to walk in freedom. The trouble is, there are two pitfalls that are easy for us to fall into.

God calls Him "God"

There was a kid who’d been attending our church’s children’s ministry for over a year. And one day—this was before computers and check-in and mandatory parent pickup...

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