Belief in the trenches

Sometimes, all this talk about belief starts to feel kind of fuzzy and “out there.” Thankfully, Scripture has given us many, many flesh and blood examples

Eternal life now

So, government programs seem to never die; but, eternal life for us? We can see that on earth.

Do you believe belief is important?

Belief is supernatural. If you think about it, there’s really no reason on earth why a biological organism would ever evolve by natural processes...

Believing what matters

Some beliefs matter more than others, of course. It’s not a big deal if you believe it’s going to be sunny today and it turns out to be cloudy.

Your Bible and your belief

What we believe matters. It matters every second of every day. A flood of negative circumstances rushes through your life.

Do you believe?

I’d like to start off the new year with some pretty bold thinking. I know that might be a little bit dangerous, since there’s a good possibility that your brain

The desperate yearning

Nebuchadnezzar was not a “godly” man... at least not in the way a Christian would use the term. This man—the man who ruled over Daniel and his friends

An exile in a hospital

Lois was well into her 80s and just had one of her joints replaced with a new, artificial one. She had a couple complications with the surgery though

A pastor's nightmare

Thursday was always my big study day. That’s the day I’d lock the door of my office, turn off my phone, and dig deep into research and development for Sunday’s sermon.

The problem of evil

All this talk about living in exile—about God working backstage and meeting our needs while we live our lives on stage—well, that all sounds pretty good…

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