Day of dependence

If the Holy Spirit had been removed from your life last week, would your days have looked different? Even as believers, we can walk independent of God

Grace upon grace

When we step into freedom, there is more opportunity to make poor choices. So what keeps us—we who are free in Christ—from running toward sin?

Let go of the need to fix

I can think of lots of warm and fuzzy ways to let love happen. One of my favorite ways to let love happen is to show my kids how precious they are to me.

Let love happen

So we have the one thing—the key—to the Christian life: Faith expressing itself through love. Now, what does it mean? The word faith means trusting

Reduce it to one thing

There are enough rules and restrictions in the Old Testament law to make your head spin—613, to be exact. Most of us don’t have a clue what those

Why you shouldn't—and can't—fix your spouse

I want to show you two lists of words that both come from Galatians chapter 5 and, as you read these words, I want you to pick which list describes your marriage behind

Choose your focus

In Christian living, I believe there are two directions of focus: You can either focus on the law, or you can focus on grace. You either focus on performance

Sink Less

I was swimming one morning and noticed another gentleman working with a swim instructor. She was using a noodle under his arms to practice the backstroke.

Your Jesus is showing

Christ is forming in us—taking shape and filling us in the same way a child fills his mother. We can even think of baptism as a pregnancy announcement.

Pregnancy relay

A number of years ago, I was standing in the church foyer when I noticed a woman...I went over, introduced myself, and asked, “When’s the baby due?”

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