Being fully free in Christ

Back in Paul’s day, the Macedonians were dirt poor. In a devastated, drought-stricken land, many of them would have been sleeping in the gutters...

Your full inheritance as God's child

Normally, when we hear the word inheritance, we immediately think of money, cars, houses, and businesses passed on to us by a relative.

Being truly alive

I’m sure you’ve already realized that this whole “identity thing” is really important to me. Knowing who we are in Christ is… well, I think it’s one of the most...

An amazing aspect of who you are in Christ

I love theology. I also love theologians. But sometimes they can use unnecessary verbiage that obfuscates simple prepositional assumptions.

Your place in the family of God

There is just something about this adoption thing. Something about the way a child is chosen and accepted by choice, not by reluctant obligation...

Being part of God's family

It was Sunday morning, and all hell had cut loose that weekend. Literally. The one they called Jesus had been beaten, bloodied, and hung in the Middle Eastern...

God always has time for you

It’s one of the most famous photos in America: A picture of a little boy playing under his father’s desk while dad goes about his work. Sure, it’s “cute,” but “cute”

God as your Father

I love my dad. My dad loves me. That's important. For one thing, it makes it a lot easier to believe that our heavenly Dad loves me too.

Why He is closer than a brother to you

On a hill deep in the dusty Jordan country, Jesus taught the most famous of all sermons: the Sermon on the Mount. Powerful words, stunning words…

No favorites, ALL favorites

About the only time I complain about “favoritism” is when I'm not the favored one. In the world, it's all about favorites, actually. We reward those who behave as...

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