What about the origins of Christmas?

As important as Christmas is as a holiday, let your celebration of it pale in comparison to your celebration of Christ in you every day.

The big shift

The very basics of Christianity really are backwards from what we would expect. We die to live. When we are weak, we are strong. In most cases, we can look at what the world says...

Rejoicing in your robes

I love those police dramas when one of the officers gets separated from all his buddies. He’s on a dark street and it’s night (and, of course, the street is always wet for some reason).

Standing firm in your righteousness

Satan is smart and very tricky. If he can get you asking the wrong question, you’ll never come up with the right answer. If you’re a Christian, the wrong question is, “How do I make myself righteous?”

Rags to righteousness

Scripture tells us we can be radically transformed by renewing our minds according to what is true (Romans 12:1-2). That’s important, because there is a problem that only Christians...

Does it blow you away?

I’ve been studying this “righteousness” stuff for a long time. I’m a professional Christian, right? I even have the big M.Div. seminary degree, which makes some people think...

Embrace the wonder of Christmas

It’s easy to become so absorbed with our own concerns that we forget to worship and wonder and rejoice at God’s blessings. But Jesus lived, died, and rose again to reconcile us to God and offer us eternal life. What a wonderful truth worthy of praise!

Got gunnysack?

Satan is good at a lot of things. For one, he is the ultimate gunnysacker. What is gunnysacking? It’s pretty simple, actually. When someone says something...

You don't have to live in the foreshadows

Like any good movie, God’s unfolding story contains foreshadowing. The first foreshadow of His grace came right away, in Genesis 3:15, when God told Satan...

Are you a streaker, a worker, or a little of both?

The 1970s were a pretty embarrassing decade. Big hair, tight pants, disco, and the temporary phenomenon called “streaking.” It seemed like every time you turned...

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