It’s easy to see Christmas as bright lights and glittering gifts. But seasonal joys don’t sustain the soul like Scripture's message of Immanuel—God with us. In this 25-day Advent reading plan, the Briscoes encourage you to consider the true joy of Christmas. With heartwarming stories, inspirational verse, and biblical teaching, they cut through distractions to the real miracle of Christmas: God with us; Immanuel in the manger.

Listed below are the devotionals for each day! We hope you enjoy.

1  What Advent is all about
2  A history of anticipation
3  Light for all
4  The visit
5  Visiting made real
6  Christmas: The divine initiative
7  Christmas: The divine invasion
8  A time for giving
9  Mary: The ultimate trust
10  Joseph
11  Lion of Judah
12  The Shepherds: Least and Lost
13  The wise men: Jesus seekers
14  A quest for Truth
15  A diligent search
16  A response of worship
17  God’s grand communication
18  Great news that will bring glorious joy
19  God speaking our language
20  God became flesh
21  Seeing Jesus’ glory
22  The crib, cross, and crown—Part 1
23  The crib, cross, and crown—Part 2
24  The spirit of Christmas
25  Joy is Jesus