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Family, marriage, sexuality, work... what is your value system in these areas? It’s important to consider because your values directly influence your behavior. And society is full of conflicting lifestyles and clashing behavior patterns that can rock your existing values. It can be difficult to know what you should value, what should be shaping the way you live. 

According to the book of Proverbs, the fear of the Lord is where we ought to begin our system of values. In this series, Stuart Briscoe isn’t afraid to tackle controversial issues as he explores the timeless book of Proverbs to help us understand what God, the source of values, says on the subject of family values, sexual values, workplace values, financial values, social values, and ultimate values.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 4. Family Values - Child Raising

    Stuart Briscoe

    President Johnson speaking at Howard University in 1965 said: “The family is a cornerstones of our society. More than any other force, it shapes the attitudes, the hopes, the ambitions, and the values of the child. When the family collapses it is the children that are usually damaged. When it happens on a massive scale the community itself is crippled.”

    Scripture:  Proverbs 22:6

  2. 10. Ultimate Values - What Really Matters

    Stuart Briscoe

    We began by noting that “the fear of the Lord” is the fundamental basis of a system of values, and we have been reminded continually that absolute values are found in the character and nature of God. We conclude by recognizing that ultimate values are found in relationship to the Lord, particularly in doing that which pleases Him.

    Scripture:  Proverbs 15:33 - 16:7

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