Truth for Troubled Times

Stuart Briscoe

Few people will disagree that the state of our world is not as it ought to be. All around us we witness hostility between people and nations and see Christian values sidelined by pluralism and the dogma of political correctness. Is it possible to be a voice for truth in times such as these?  

Providentially, God's Word shows us the way. The prophet Jeremiah lived in a dark and troubled time and was called by God to be an alternative voice to his culture. It was a time when the Israelites had turned away from God and embraced rituals, gods, and beliefs that were shocking, even by today's standards. And yet, as horrible as it was, God wanted His people back, and Jeremiah had a role to play in making that happen.  

As Stuart Briscoe explains in this series, God has and always will seek His people to execute his plans for the world. He works through His Church to make that happen—and in today's troubled times, He could soon be calling on you.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. The Reluctant Prophet

    Stuart Briscoe

    As a follower of Christ, do you feel out of place when people reject Him? Do you shy away from opportunities to share Christ with others? The truth is, we've been intentionally planted to demonstrate and articulate truth to hurting people. So why do many of us freeze up when faced with the opportunity to speak up?

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe introduces you to Jeremiah—a reluctant, fearful man God used to speak truth into troubled Judah. You'll learn how God desires to use you, too, to boldly live and share Christ with a confused and hurting world.

    Scripture:  Jeremiah 1:1 - 1:19

  2. 2. When God Speaks to a Nation

    Stuart Briscoe

    Too often, in troubled times, man tries to fix what only God can achieve. That's what happened in Judah—the remaining remnant of Israel—as King Josiah recognized the spiritual descent of the people and implemented societal reforms in an effort to turn people back to God. But can legislated laws ever change people's hearts?

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe examines Josiah's well-intended yet superficial attempts to solve deep-rooted heart problems in the hearts of the people of Judah. 

    Scripture:  Jeremiah 2:1 - 6:30

  3. 3. The Potter's House

    Stuart Briscoe

    Though the prophet Jeremiah stays on message and warns the people of Judah about God's coming judgment, they ignore him and outright reject God's offer of forgiveness, repentance, and reconciliation. What happens when the people of a nation want nothing to do with God and decide to do things their own way? 

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe examines the people of Judah as they shake their fists at God and refuse to allow Him to mold them into the nation He wants them to be. 

    Scripture:  Jeremiah 18 - 20

  4. 4. A Letter to Souls in Exile

    Stuart Briscoe

    Jeremiah never wanted to be a prophet. It broke his heart and endlessly frustrated him that the people of Judah would not heed his warnings of impending judgment. Even more heartbreaking for Jeremiah was living to see all that he warned about come to pass.

    But even as Judah is overtaken, we see that Jeremiah's work is not yet done as he moves from a message of warning to a message of encouragement. But is it even possible to encourage a people who didn't trust God in the first place to now trust Him during troubled times?

    Scripture:  Jeremiah 29:1 - 29:14

  5. 5. A Brighter Day Tomorrow

    Stuart Briscoe

    God allows us freedom to choose how we live, but He doesn't allow us to choose the consequences of our decisions. That's the painful lesson we see the people of Judah live through as they are under siege with rampant famine and plague. In such dire circumstances, is it possible to live with hope that God will ever restore His people? 

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe explores the purpose for God's plan in allowing Judah to be taken over by foreign rule.

    Scripture:  Jeremiah 31:1 - 32:44

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