The Last Word

Pete Briscoe

If today were your final day on earth, what would your last words be? What message of significance would you want to share with your loved ones? Would you utter words of warning, words of wisdom, words of regret, or words of love? 

When someone is about to die, people tend to listen attentively to what is said. And with good reason - those who hear anticipate that those final words will carry a message of importance. And those words will be part of someone's lasting legacy. 

In this insightful series, Pete Briscoe looks at the "last words" of important biblical figures and applies those words to today's problems and challenges. His teaching will have you reconsidering how you respond to situations in your everyday life. And he'll get you thinking about what sort of life you want your final words to reflect.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. I Choose God

    Pete Briscoe

    Are you a fence-sitter? A line-straddler? Would you rather stay in the middle than have to pick a side and commit? 

    "Choose this day whom you will serve," said Joshua. He didn't mince words when he spoke to the people of Israel about their commitment to God. Joshua told his people outright: you cannot serve two gods. You are either following God wholeheartedly or not at all.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe talks about the life change that happens when you decide to serve God. And he encourages you to make today the day you decide to serve God wholeheartedly. 

    Scripture:  Joshua 23 , Joshua 24

  2. 2. I Forgive You

    Pete Briscoe

    Forgiving someone who has caused hurt can be a difficult, even painful thing. Joseph knew that in order to forgive someone who has caused deep emotional pain you have to rely on God to change your heart from bitterness to grace. Even though the emotional hurt that Joseph experienced was inflicted on him by his own family, miraculously, God helped Joseph's last words to his brothers be, "I forgive you." 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explains how the steps to biblical forgiveness that Joseph modeled for us in Genesis can help you reach a place of forgiveness, too. 

    Scripture:  Genesis 37 , Genesis 45 , Genesis 50

  3. 3. I Bless You

    Pete Briscoe

    Words are very powerful. Carefully selected, purposefully delivered words can have a huge impact on someone's life. 

    Isaac's last words to his son Jacob were a prophetic blessing for Jacob's future. In this message, Pete Briscoe explains how you, too, can bless and empower the people in your life through your words, just as Isaac blessed Jacob. 

    Scripture:  Genesis 27

  4. 4. I Heard God Say

    Pete Briscoe

    When did you last take the time to reflect on your life—on what God has done in your spiritual journey, and on the areas in which you need growth? With his last words, David reflected on his life, and he found that God was a major presence there throughout every difficulty and every victory (2 Samuel 23). 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe outlines nine areas that you can reflect on to remember your spiritual journey and discover areas in which you can grow.

    Scripture:  2 Samuel 23

  5. 5. I Praise in Pain

    Pete Briscoe

    Rarely do we praise God in suffering. Rarely do we praise God when things are going great. We need to learn what it is to praise God in all things, at all times—good, bad, and in-between times.

    Habakkuk teaches us to praise in the midst of suffering and anguish, in times when nothing else could possibly go wrong. He shows us that in the midst of these miserable circumstances, it is possible to rejoice. 

    Scripture:  Habakkuk 3:17 - 3:19

  6. 6. Is Everything Meaningless?

    Pete Briscoe

    When we're standing in the smog of everyday life, our vision of what is really important in life can become blurred by the things that keep us busy. So we end up pursuing the things that culture tells us will satisfy. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe uses the book of Ecclesiastes to addresses a few of our modern myths, myths about what makes a full life. In place of these myths, Pete teaches us what the real secret to satisfaction and fulfillment is. 

    Scripture:  Ecclesiastes 1 - 12

  7. 7. The Vine Lover

    Pete Briscoe

    Are you a willing servant of God, or are you, like Jonah, a vine lover? 

    Jonah was a "vine lover." He loved his own comfort and preferences more than he loved God's will. And he missed God's work because of his selfishness. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe reminds us what God, the vine planter, is asking us to do as we commit to serve Him, by giving us the "what not to do" example of Jonah.

    Scripture:  Jonah 1 - 4

  8. 8. Making It Possible

    Pete Briscoe

    Jesus expects all of His followers to aid in the mission field as either a person who goes or a person who sends. Paul was one who went. He was a missionary. But he had someone who sent him, someone who helped meet his needs and send him out. That was Ananias. 

    Using an acrostic, Pete Briscoe describes how you can be one who goes, a missionary, or one who sends, someone who empowers missionaries.

    Scripture:  Acts 9:1 - 9:19

  9. 9. Don't Do It

    Pete Briscoe

    God calls His servants to do hard things. One of the hardest jobs that God can call you to is the job of being a peacemaker, the job of inserting yourself between two volatile people and bringing peace to the situation. It's sometimes very painful, and it's always full of risk.

    Abigail was a brilliant, wise woman, who inserted herself into the midst of an explosive situation and brought peace to it. In studying the way Abigail handled David, we can see how we, too, can step into the midst of a conflict and make a difference in that conflict as peacemakers.

    Scripture:  1 Samuel 25

  10. 10. Respond

    Pete Briscoe

    In our world today, you're either a change magnet or a change agent. You either let the culture influence you, or you influence the culture. 

    God wants you to be a change agent for His kingdom in our desperately sad culture. In this message, Pete Briscoe walks us through the life of King Josiah, someone who can teach us how to be a change agent. Josiah came from a long line of change magnets, but, on encountering God's Word, he became a change agent. 

    Scripture:  2 Kings 23

  11. 11. I've Seen the Lord!

    Pete Briscoe

    What a testimony and blessing it would be for your last words to be, "I have seen the Lord!" These were the last words recorded from Mary Magdalene. 

    Mary Magdalene wasn't always so close to the Lord, though. She started as a woman possessed by many demons. But when Jesus rescued her from the bondage of sin, she became a leader for His ministry. She was even one of the first people to see Jesus alive after His resurrection! 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe encourages you with a reminder that you can experience God, like Mary Magdalene, if you let God free you from sin and use you for His ministry.

    Scripture:  Luke 8

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