The Book of Romans

Stuart Briscoe

When people grasp the Book of Romans, Christ grips them.

"Time and again in the course of Christian history, it has liberated the minds of men, brought them back to an understanding of the essential Gospel of Christ, and started spiritual revolutions," F. F. Bruce said of the letter to the Romans.

St. Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Wesley, whose lives started spiritual revolutions, stand out among the millions whose faith has been instructed, nurtured, and brought to maturity through this epistle. With this in mind, over 20 years ago, Stuart Briscoe taught this extensive 24-message series to help us grasp and be gripped by one of his favorite sections of Scripture.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 18. A Sense of Values

    Stuart Briscoe

    "Therefore, I urge you, brothers . . ." begins the final section of this great epistle. It introduces a heartfelt brotherly appeal to a practical application of the truth expounded and gets right into the heart of spiritual experience by urging the readers to evaluate their values in the light of all that has been explained thus far.

    Scripture:  Romans 12:1 - 12:8

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