The Answer Is Yes...Now What's the Question?

Pete Briscoe

Any parent of a teenager learning to drive will tell you it's stressful to give up the driver's seat. Is he going too fast? Did she check her blind spot? There's uncertainty when you willingly relinquish control and let someone else steer. 

Part of being followers of Christ is a willingness to say "yes" to God, no matter what He asks of you, but that kind of blind trust doesn't come naturally. We like to see where the road is going and choose which route to take. We may appear to hand over the wheel, but we never really let it go. 

Are you nervous about what the Lord will ask you to do if you let Him direct your path? 

  • "He might ask me to leave my job." 
  • "He might ask me to downsize my lifestyle." 
  • "He might ask me to stay in this marriage." 

In this study by Pete Briscoe, he shares practical teaching on how we can overcome our reluctance and allow Christ to be Lord, and in so doing, find fullness of life.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Saying Yes to Surrender

    Pete Briscoe

    One of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life is surrender. It's easy to say that you want to follow Christ and surrender your entire life to His purposes, but it is much harder to let go of everything and give God total control.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe begins to explain how to live a Christian life through surrendering completely to Christ. 

    Scripture:  John 12:12 - 12:26

  2. 2. Saying Yes to Simplicity

    Pete Briscoe

    In our world today, we know how to stay busy, even when it means that we pass up time with God. We sometimes think that being busy is the only way to live a full life. But God never calls us to be busy. In fact, God calls us to a very simple Christian life, in which we focus on seeking His kingdom and His righteousness every day. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explores one the attributes of surrender to God: simplicity.

    Scripture:  Matthew 6:25 - 6:34

  3. 3. Saying Yes to Stewardship

    Pete Briscoe

    Everyone knows that they only get one life. But most people don't fully realize that they have options as to what they can do with their lives: they can waste it, spend it, or invest it. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explores what it means to be a steward of your life, to invest it properly. He asks tough questions to get at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Are you making yourself available to what God is asking you to do? Are you consciously investing your life?

    Scripture:  Matthew 13

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