Recognizing False Teaching

Stuart Briscoe

Sometimes it’s easy to identify false teaching. But other times, it’s subtle—you may hear the Gospel and even Christ’s name, but then there’s an added twist. It’s wrong and a dangerous tainting of the Truth. Theologians call it heresy.

The apostles continually warn the early church about false teachers who spread fake “good news” to believers. But what about today? Are we still at risk? Absolutely, we are!

Today, technology provides near limitless access to speakers, Bible teaching, and studies. With that comes the opportunity for people to spread their interpretation of Scripture, rightly or wrongly.

So, how do we figure out which teaching is true and which is false? How do we evaluate the claims of a pastor, ministry, or friend to determine if they’re credible sources—or instead leading us into a false interpretation of the Bible and Jesus?

In this 4-message series, Pete and Stuart Briscoe head straight to Scripture to show you what’s at stake when you fall for fake good news. And they’ll teach you how to avoid dangerous mistakes so that you don’t miss out on the fullness of Life in Christ.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Walking in Truth

    Stuart Briscoe

    In its early days, the Christian church was very conscious of the struggle for the souls of men and women between “the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood.”

    But in our modern culture, we see dramatically changing attitudes toward truth.

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe helps us to recognize that there is such a thing as truth, and there is such a thing as error.

    Scripture:  1 John 4:1 - 4:21

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