Making Sense of Suffering

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

God is great. God is good. It's sung as a hymn and taught to children as a prayer. But we're not always sure we believe it! Why? Because of suffering. We see devastation in our own families and across the world. Natural disasters and intentional acts of cruelty. Our mind races to find something good in the brokenness. Either God is not so great, or He's not so good. It's a doubt we may have at one time or another, even if we're devoted believers. 

However, God's own son, Jesus, suffered brutality and death. The apostle Paul begged God three times to remove some type of affliction from him, but God declined. If God allowed His own son and His greatest missionary to endure suffering, we should try to understand why. 

In this series from Stuart and Jill, they turn to Scripture to answer several powerful questions:

  • Why does God allow suffering? 
  • What good comes from suffering?
  • What happens when you accept the unacceptable?

Messages From This Series:

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