Making Sense of Signs

Stuart Briscoe

How do you visualize the creator of the universe and feel close to Him when you can't see Him, you don't hear Him speak out loud to you, and He doesn't physically show up in your daily life?

You can know God by knowing His son, Jesus. And you come to know Jesus by reading His words, studying His actions, and observing the issues most important to Him. Through Jesus, the invisible God becomes visible! As Stuart teaches in this absorbing study from the Gospel of John, when you see Jesus, you see God!

In this series, Stuart will enlighten you on two specific signs described in John's Gospel, their significance, and how they can help us come to know our Father even better.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Water into Wine

    Stuart Briscoe

    John's objective in writing the fourth Gospel was to show conclusively that "Jesus was the Christ the Son of God" and to do it he selected incidents that illustrated Jesus' uniqueness from the vast amount of material available. He was particularly interested in the "signs" Jesus performed, the first of which involved changing water into wine. 

    Scripture:  John 2:1 - 2:11

  2. 2. Cleaning Out the Temple

    Stuart Briscoe

    All four Gospels record the story of Jesus' vigorous reaction to what was going on in the Temple at Passover time. The Synoptics place the incident at the end of His ministry, John at the beginning. Whether or not this means that Jesus repeated His actions is subject to debate, but that He did act and speak out is a subject of great importance. 

    Scripture:  John 2:13 - 2:25

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