Living in a Messed Up World

Pete Briscoe

You might think that we have more intense and volatile issues in our world to wrestle with than ever before, but much of the New Testament was written to encourage believers living in similar hostile times. These early believers were often seen as unpopular outsiders going against the new-fashioned cultural tides. Today, speaking in favor of and holding true to faith-based beliefs on issues like marriage and abortion can put Christians on the front lines of confrontation and persecution. So how do you keep your voice and still live peacefully?  

In Living in a Messed Up World, Pete Briscoe answers that question by pointing us to Paul as the perfect example of one who speaks with tender boldness. Pete reminds us that our goal is not to win arguments, but to win people. And to do that, we must avoid falling into the trap of our Christian beliefs being pitted against culture in the public sphere of debate. 

This series will help you find your voice and confidence to speak with tender boldness in an increasingly messed up world.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Living Through the Scripture Filter

    Pete Briscoe

    Your background, upbringing, education, and community all influence how you view the world. Whether conservative, liberal, man, woman, black, or white, your opinions, thoughts, and responses to local and world events are all colored by these many different filters. But which filter is the correct filter if you follow Jesus? 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe shows us from which perspective Paul addressed societal ills. Paul provides a stunning example for all who struggle to provide a faith response to a world spiraling out of control. 

    Scripture:  1 Peter 3:8 - 3:18 , Acts 4:13 , Acts 4:31 , Colossians 4:4 - 4:6

  2. 2. Arguments Don't Transform Lives

    Pete Briscoe

    Gun control, human rights, police brutality, government corruption—these are perplexing and difficult issues to discuss. What’s happening in our country and how are we as Christians supposed to react? Especially when our faith response can often place us in situations where arguments easily flare and lead to even further disparity. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explores how we risk losing our voice to speak into important issues if we fail to convey our position with tender boldness. 

    Scripture:  Acts 16:11 - 16:40

  3. 3. A Strategy to Engage Culture

    Pete Briscoe

    What do you think about gay marriage? Do you believe Muslims are peaceful or violent people? Do you think abortion is a woman’s right? 

    What strategy will you use to answer tough questions like these? Will you provide a politically correct answer, a faith-based answer, or shrug off the questions and not answer at all? 

    You need a strategy if you’re going to engage on the tough issues. In this message, Pete Briscoe suggests we think twice about sharing our opinion and instead stick with what we know is most important—and will ultimately change people’s lives. 

    Scripture:  Acts 17:1 - 17:15 , Matthew 22:15 - 22:22

  4. 4. Why Is It So Hard to Tell People About Jesus?

    Pete Briscoe

    We live in a world where moral and immoral ideas, life-giving and life-ending ideas, and liberty-affirming and rights-restricting ideas are all thought to have merit and be worthy of consideration. As a result, claiming that Jesus is the remedy for every hurt, transgression, broken situation, and societal ill is likely be met with a sneer. But we can’t let sneers, name-calling, or fear stop us from sharing the incredible gift of Jesus. Paul never did. He was bold, even in the face of resistance and crowds of hecklers.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe digs into Acts 17 to show us what motivated Paul to time and time again proclaim Jesus, even in the most pagan-loving city of all, Athens. It’s a message for us now as we struggle to tell a resistant world about Jesus. 

    Scripture:  Acts 17:16 - 17:34

  5. 5. Pray Before You Speak

    Pete Briscoe

    No one likes being told what to think. So we shouldn’t be surprised when quarrels erupt over issues like environmentalism, immigration, or health care reform. It’s easy to find yourself in a heated discussion that only leads to strained and broken relationships. In Matthew 10:16—we’re told to be “shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” as we interact with the world. But what does that look like in practical terms?

    In this message, Pete presents a model for thinking through issues like these so you can decide what decisions to make—or what positions to take—concerning todays hot topics.

    Scripture:  2 Timothy 2:23 - 2:26 , Matthew 10:16 - 10:20

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