Life That Works

Jill Briscoe

Are you like a car that is sputtering and backfiring? Would you rather be running on all cylinders and coasting along?

If you are looking for direction and purpose in this road called life, this 8-message series is for you. Settle in for an exciting ride with Jill as she uses snapshots from the life of Peter to show that when God comes into your life, you will absolutely be changed—for the better!


Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Changing

    Jill Briscoe

    Have you received Christ into your life? How can you confidently tell?

    Maybe you’ve become a Christian but you sometimes doubt your salvation because you’re not seeing change in your life. So, what should your life as a Christian look like?

    In this message, Jill Briscoe explains the evidence of a life marked by Jesus and shares how you can confidently know that you have received Christ.

    Scripture:  John 1:1 - 1:14

  2. 2. Following

    Jill Briscoe

    Once you become a Christian, what happens next? When Jesus called His disciples, He had one very simple request: “Follow me.” But although the phrase is simple, living it out doesn’t always seem so easy.

    Jill Briscoe looks at how five disciples came to Christ and started to passionately follow Him. She’ll explain how following Jesus is a way of purpose, fulfillment, and endless adventure. It’s better than any life you could dream up on your own. 

    Scripture:  John 1:40 - 1:42 , John 1:35 - 1:51

  3. 3. Trusting

    Jill Briscoe

    When the storms of life come and the waves are crashing violently, do you find it difficult to trust that God is present and working?

    Whether or not you can see Him, Jesus is walking on the water in the midst of your storm—and He’s asking you to step out in faith and trust Him.

    In this message, Jill Briscoe uses the story of Peter walking on water to teach how you can learn to trust Jesus more passionately and confidently even in the midst of life’s most challenging storms. 

    Scripture:  John 6:16 - 6:21

  4. 4. Caring

    Jill Briscoe

    When Christ came into the world, He didn’t come so He could be served—He came to serve. As Christians, we have the same purpose, but our tendencies toward self-centeredness and independence can easily get in the way of how Jesus wants to serve others through us.

    In this message, Jill Briscoe gives some practical ways for us to break free from our selfishness, step into dependence on Jesus, and live lives that have a lasting, eternal impact on those around us.

    Scripture:  John 6:1 - 6:15

  5. 5. Abiding

    Jill Briscoe

    Do you see Jesus as your friend? Do you believe He considers you one?

    Jesus isn’t just a historical figure you can read about. He is your friend, and He desires to have a relationship with you like the closest friendship you could possibly imagine.

    In this message, Jill Briscoe teaches what it means to know Christ, have Him know you thoroughly, and let Him live His life through you. You’ll learn to see Jesus as your forever best friend and source of life.

    Scripture:  John 15:1 - 15:17

  6. 6. Standing

    Jill Briscoe

    Sometimes life knocks us down. We fail, make mistakes, and fall flat on our face. But while we can’t always keep ourselves from falling, we can control what happens next.

    In this message, Jill Briscoe shares how when we fall, we have the opportunity to experience restoration through Jesus—but only if we’re willing to stand up again. 

    Scripture:  John 18:15 - 18:27

  7. 7. Loving

    Jill Briscoe

    How do you know what love looks like? Maybe you grew up in a household of care and support, and you feel you have a pretty good grasp on the concept. But maybe you’ve experienced some painful relationships, and you really struggle to know what love truly is.

    In this message, Jill Briscoe points out the beautiful ways you can understand love as it’s described in Scripture. You’ll learn how to receive love from God and others and how to allow Christ to express love through you.

    Scripture:  John 21:1 - 21:17

  8. 8. Finishing

    Jill Briscoe

    If someone were to ask you today what your purpose in life is, would you be able to confidently answer?

    Finding your life’s purpose can be challenging. As Christians, we know our primary calling is to follow Jesus, but how are we supposed to be practically spending our days?

    In this message, Jill Briscoe reminds you that God has a specific plan for your life—and it’s never too late to figure out what it is. Jesus wants you to join Him on the grand adventure He has in store for your life.

    Scripture:  John 21:18 - 21:25

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