Grace in the Garden

Jill Briscoe

In the idyllic world of Winnie the Pooh, the excitable character Tigger would often bounce through Rabbit's perfectly arranged, meticulous garden, leaving it in a shambles. Our world is much like Rabbit's garden... meant for beauty and order, but a mess instead. How do we live in a garden of sin when we were created by God to live in His perfect garden? Through grace.

He gives us His saving grace so we have the hope and promise of eternal life in His perfect garden one day. He gives us sufficient grace to strengthen us as we live amid the prickers and brambles of our fallen world. In this series, Jill reminds us of the awe-inspiring gift of God's grace and what it means to our daily life.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Saving Grace

    Jill Briscoe

    Why is a walk in a garden so relaxing? Because we were created to live in God’s garden of perfection, forever. Unfortunately, as the story goes, Adam and Eve made a fatal error and were forced to make their home in the garden of sin instead, where nothing is perfect or peaceful. 

    But remember, this is God’s story! God came looking for Adam and Eve after they disobeyed. And in His grace, He still comes looking for us today. Jill Briscoe takes us through biblical examples of God’s saving grace and how He offers us a way to His riches through Christ.

    Scripture:  Genesis

  2. 2. Sufficient Grace

    Jill Briscoe

    Splinters, thorns, prickers. It doesn’t matter what they are called, they hurt and get under your skin! Life in our world is filled with thorns: difficult relationships, illness, loss of loved ones, broken promises. The Bible tells us that even the Apostle Paul and God Himself in Jesus struggled under the bite of thorns. But God does not allow thorns in our lives without providing sufficient grace to live in the prickly mess. What Satan intends to push us down often results in pushing us to our knees in front of God’s throne instead. 

    “You who wore my thorns that I may know Your grace...pierced by my sin that I may see Your face...loved and forgiven from shame and deep disgrace. You wore my thorns. You wore my thorns.” (from Jill’s poem “You Wore My Thorns” copyright 2003)

    Scripture:  Genesis

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