God's Love for Us

Jill Briscoe

But the love of God never fails to go on loving, even when we stop loving Him. - Jill Briscoe

God's unconditional love for us, irrespective of our birth, our family, our culture, who we are, or what we've done, can never be found here on earth. That's the powerful message in this series from Jill Briscoe.

Jill helps us understand our greatest need—to be loved and to love in return—as she looks at the life of David. His life serves as a rich illustration of God's love for us as our comforter, forgiver, shepherd, and creator. 

If you feel unloved or that you are unlovable, let this message be a blessing to you as you seek to claim the joy that can only be found in God's love for you.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. He Created Me

    Jill Briscoe

    Our mere existence is evidence of God's love. When God creates, He creates in love and with purpose. He knows our days, our actions, our thoughts, before we even begin to exist. 

    In this message, Jill Briscoe reminds us that our reaction to God's love for us, as displayed in our creation, ought to be like David's in the psalms—a reaction of praise and obedience. 

    Scripture:  Psalm 139

  2. 2. He Chose Me

    Jill Briscoe

    It’s easy for us to question God when He chooses us for a task. We feel unqualified, like God has made a mistake. But God often chooses the unexpected to do His work. David was the definition of unexpected. He was the youngest, the smallest shepherd boy, but he was chosen by God to be king. 

    In this message, Jill shows us that all of us have been anointed and given the ability to receive a calling and equipping from God.

    Scripture:  1 Samuel 16

  3. 3. He Rescues Me

    Jill Briscoe

    We have all experienced the feeling of spiritual oppression, temptation, or threats. But when David faced Goliath, God was the champion. God fought for the one He loved, just as He will fight for us when we're overwhelmed, because He loves us. 

    In this message, Jill teaches us that God is our rescuer. That doesn't mean He will always rescue us from physical hardships or discomfort, but He will rescue us from sin, and its consequences. He will rescue us from Satan's schemes, from fear, and from ourselves. 

    Scripture:  1 Samuel 17:26 - 17:29

  4. 4. He Promised Me

    Jill Briscoe

    When man makes promises, he rarely follows through. God, on the other hand, can make promises the size of eternity, and He always follows through! God promised David that He would give him a throne that would never pass away. God promised to bring a new covenant to His people through David’s line, a covenant that would bring an eternity where there are no broken promises. 

    In this message, we learn of God’s faithfulness in His grand promises. We can trust His promises because they are based on His unfailing love!

    Scripture:  Psalm 41 , Psalm 73 - 76

  5. 5. He Comforts Me

    Jill Briscoe

    When trials and suffering come, where do we turn? We ought to turn to God, the God of all comfort. Suffering in this life is inevitable. David knew that. He wrote his psalms about that. But he wrote with the knowledge that God’s love brings comfort, encouragement, freshness, and life to those who pant after Him. 

    In this message, Jill points us to the many resources for encouragement that God has already given us: His Holy Spirit, His word, and His people. God aks us to bring encouragement to those around us. 

    Scripture:  Psalm 119:52

  6. 6. He Forgives Me

    Jill Briscoe

    No sin is bigger than God's forgiveness and mercy. There will be consequences for sin, but the love of God is the kind of unconditional love that shows mercy when the object of its love lies prostrate and repentant. David learned this when he sinned against God with Bathsheba, he learned the weight of guilt. He also learned that God's mercy is an attribute of His unfailing love. 

    In this message, Jill Briscoe teaches us the importance of letting God love us by letting Him forgive us.

    Scripture:  Psalm 103:4

  7. 7. He Gifts Me

    Jill Briscoe

    At times, we may feel useless, uncreative, ungifted, and unfit to do God's work. But simply by the fact that God has brought us into a redemptive relationship with Him, we can be encouraged that He has gifted us! The Holy Spirit is our gift; He is our anointing to do the good works that God has prepared in advance for us to do. 

    This message assures us that God has gifted us and God will see us through the tasks He set before us. We can say, as David says, "He has exalted me by helping me to know Him."

    Scripture:  2 Samuel 23

  8. 8. He Leads Me

    Jill Briscoe

    Being in a valley isn't proof that God has left us or that He doesn't care. God is our shepherd. He is leading us, protecting and correcting us. This is how we know God's love for us, through his action in our lives. 

    In this message, we learn that God's rod corrects us, like He corrected David after his sin with Bathsheba, but His staff comforts us through these corrections. Loving discipline shows God's love for us. 

    Scripture:  Psalm 23

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