God Has a Plan - and We're Part of It

Stuart Briscoe

You wouldn’t start up a company without a business plan or build a house without blueprints. Anything worth creating is typically designed with a plan in mind. God’s creations are no exception. Isn’t it reassuring to know—no matter how chaotic and troubling the events of our world seem—that God has a grand plan? Even more encouraging... His plan includes us! 

As Stuart teaches in this rich series on Ephesians, if you believe God has a plan that includes you (and that’s what the Bible says), you will live your life differently than those who don’t believe. This teaching will encourage you to live like you’ve been created uniquely, redeemed personally, and gifted specifically to do something of eternal significance. Are you ready to know more about God’s plan for your life?


Messages From This Series:

  1. 4. God's Plan for Reconciliation

    Stuart Briscoe

    Too often we focus on issues that divide us as a people instead of the things that unify us. And when that happens, there's the potential to stay within your collective group of like-minded people and treat others differently, maybe even judgmentally. How do you keep yourself from a judgmental worldview so that you can see people as God sees them—precious and in need of a Savior? 

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe teaches from Ephesians 2 and examines how the apostle Paul addresses issues that divide people. There's only one true way to overcoming what divides us, and if we embrace it, the effects can be revolutionary. 

    Scripture:  Ephesians 2:11 - 2:22

  2. 10. God's Plan for Marriage

    Stuart Briscoe

    Very often, you will find that when there are problems in marriages, people go for counsel, go to seminars, and read books to get practical advice on handling money, communicating better, dealing with sexual problems, improving their parenting... But rarely are they told that the fundamental problem is a spiritual one. For if you've got two people living in the fullness of the Spirit, submitted to the Lord, and submitting to each other, you'll have a fertile piece of property in which a flourishing marriage can be expected.

    Scripture:  Ephesians 5:21 - 5:33

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