Finishing Strong

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe challenges seniors—and believers of all ages—to walk with God for the long haul in his series, Finishing Strong.

Nowhere in Scripture do we see people slowing down or retiring from God's work before them. So we shouldn't plan to slow down either. Instead, as we have more free time and more wisdom to share, we should actively seek out the next work God has planned for us.

For every year and every decade of our lives, we can celebrate that God continues to have a purpose for our lives. And no matter our age, our health, or our circumstance, He desires to work through us. Stuart reminds us in this series that our job is to be available until our dying day.

Also available is Stuart's companion book with small group study questions called Improving With Age.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Faith for the Long Haul

    Stuart Briscoe

    Who is Enoch? He's a figure in the Bible, someone whom God loved so dearly that one day God chose to take him to heaven to be with Him for eternity. Enoch never experienced death!

    It's obvious that God was pleased with Enoch. So it's worth getting to know who he was, how he lived, and why God found such pleasure in his company. How do we emulate the qualities of Enoch in our own lives? What can we learn from him that will help us to walk with God for all of our days?

    In this message, Stuart Briscoe uncovers the characteristics of Enoch and identifies the qualities we need to have Faith for the Long Haul.

    Scripture:  Hebrews 11:1 - 11:6

  2. 2. Living in Faith

    Stuart Briscoe

    Is your life governed by your circumstances, or is your life governed by your faith?

    Today we face challenges that are similar to what Enoch faced. And like Enoch, we need to walk with God in the midst of conflict, in the midst of suffering and hardship in our world. As Enoch saw the generations go from bad to worse, he was still able to live a beautiful life that stood out to others. If we have willing hearts, can we also live beautiful lives governed by our faith?

    Scripture:  Hebrews 10:32 - 10:39

  3. 3. A Journey of Faith

    Stuart Briscoe

    The world is full of people we might be eager to please: our spouses, family members, friends, and colleagues. But we live in a broken world with broken people. We won't find personal satisfaction living for broken people.

    Only God can affirm our purpose in life. And pleasing Him only comes when we let Him work through us to do His will. Enoch pleased God, and for that he was able to walk straight into eternity with God.

    Scripture:  Hebrews 11:1 , Romans 12:1 - 12:2

  4. 4. How You Finish Matters

    Stuart Briscoe

    “We need to go out and get into this society of ours as only seniors can and be agents of God’s kingdom-building in our day and age.” - Stuart Briscoe

    In this encouraging message, Stuart Briscoe reminds us that if we’re still alive, God has a purpose for us. We shouldn’t equate retiring with stepping away from God’s work for us. Until we breathe our dying breath, we are God’s workers and He’s in need of workers who are willing to rise to the challenge of expanding His kingdom by waking each morning and saying, “I’m available, Lord, what would you have me do today?”

    Stuart Briscoe sends out a rally cry to seniors—and seniors to be—asking them to rise up in faith, and actively look for God’s direction in their lives. God promises those who seek Him with their hearts that they will find Him, but He does this through workers. How You Finish Matters because God needs workers! Will you be available for God to work through you well into the golden years of your life?

    Scripture:  1 Timothy 2:1 - 2:8

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