Families Made New

Pete Briscoe

Families have been under attack since the beginning of time, and the devil continues to work tirelessly to try and destroy God’s divine idea of family. So is it unrealistic for us to yearn for our families to be safe places filled with love, patience, kindness, and self-control?

Not at all! God’s Word tells us that our families can be made new and be transformed through the work of the Holy Spirit! But where do we find these instructions from God in the Bible? And more importantly, how do we apply it to ourselves and family relationships that may be difficult?

Sharing about his personal experience of journeying from failing and complacent relationships with God and his family to new life, Pete Briscoe teaches from Ephesians to show you what it takes to achieve that kind of transformation in your life.

Scripture:Ephesians 5-6

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Live Life in Gear

    Pete Briscoe

    If you’ve ever driven a car with a manual transmission, you know what it’s like to hit the gas pedal and then suddenly realize that the car is in neutral. Is it possible you’re living life this way, stuck in neutral? Living an unexceptional life with unexceptional relationships.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe candidly shares his personal experiences of being disengaged with life, God, and his wife and kids. Teaching biblical principles, he cautions that if we continue to live in this state—bored with our lives and distant from family and friends—we risk our relationships slowly dying from being unattended. And the stakes are high.

    Pete is speaking to the guys in Live Life in Gear, but the lessons are universal and will help anyone who wants to experience life to the fullest.

  2. 2. Filled with the Spirit

    Pete Briscoe

    Being filled with the Spirit is the supreme, overarching truth from which everything else in the Christian life flows. So it makes sense that if our families are to flourish, the Holy Spirit has to be involved.

    Yet, so often we take matters into our own hands. We try to force situations to our way of thinking or manipulate our family members to bring about a resolution we prefer. 

    What might your family look like if you focus less on trying to fix the problems yourself and focus instead on letting the Holy Spirit do the work through you?

    In this message, Pete Briscoe teaches from Ephesians to show how the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control can actually be present in not just ourselves, but in our families.

    Scripture:  Ephesians 5:15 - 5:21

  3. 3. Parents in Training

    Pete Briscoe

    For most Christian parents, the consuming concern is that their kids will “turn out right.” That’s the goal. And turning out right is really an expression of their parents’ values—they go to church, they meet the right person to spend their lives with, they are God-honoring adults, they have a nice family, etc.

    All those things are great, obviously, but do you think maybe God has something more for our kids than just turning out right?

    Pete Briscoe thinks God does have more for our kids and he teaches from Ephesians to remind parents of the important role they play in helping God do His work in our kids.

    Scripture:  Ephesians 6:1 - 6:4

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