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Extravagant. Playful. Fierce. Cunning. Scandalous... All words you typically wouldn't use to describe Jesus, right? Sure, He's loving, compassionate, gentle, and wise, but have you ever wondered if Jesus cracked any jokes, acted in socially unacceptable ways, or got angry?

We all have a picture in our mind of who we think Jesus is, based on our church background or upbringing. But in the Gospels, we see that Jesus' character is dynamic and displays emotions not commonly associated with Him. If we're unaware of the diversity of His personality, we'll miss out on His fullness and our experience of Him will be limited.

In this series, Pete Briscoe takes us through the Gospels to examine Jesus' multi-dimensional personality. He'll highlight different characteristics of Jesus that will deepen your connection to Him and make your everyday living all the more rich.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. A Limited Experience of Jesus

    Pete Briscoe

    How do you like to spend time with Jesus? Maybe it’s through the study of theology, music, the arts, in solitude, or maybe in nature. But here’s another question to ponder: How willing are you to experience Him in everyday ways?

    The truth is, our experience of Jesus is limited mostly by the limits we place on Him. If we insist Jesus must interact with us through one specific way, we’re missing out on the incredible things He has for us.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe points out an aspect of Jesus’ character that proves just how much He desires you to know Him in rich, creative, and diverse ways.

    Scripture:  John 1:35 - 1:39

  2. 2. Jesus Is Playful

    Pete Briscoe

    Can you imagine Jesus smiling, laughing, and enjoying some casual time with His disciples? Or do you think He was always serious? Some people are convinced that Jesus never had any fun and was somber all the time.

    If you believe this and you limit your perception of Jesus to a stern teacher, then your walk with Him can become stiff and rigid. But when you look at the Gospels, you can see how Jesus loved to smile, laugh, and share joyful moments with His disciples and everyone He encountered.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe shows us how Jesus had a playful side to His character. If your life with Jesus has stiffened, He can’t wait to bring joy and laughter back into your life!

    Scripture:  John 21:1 - 21:12 , Matthew 17:24 - 17:27

  3. 3. Jesus Is Extravagantly Generous

    Pete Briscoe

    During His earthly ministry, Jesus performed some incredible miracles: turning water into wine, feeding the 5,000, healing the sick, and countless more. All these events point to the fact that Jesus was generous with His actions, gifts, and time in illogical, extravagant ways. He gave above and beyond, and that was just His way.

    But do you think He demonstrates that same way of giving today? In this message, Pete Briscoe looks to the Gospels of John and Mark to show us Christ’s generosity every day and how He desires to express that same extravagant generosity through us as we give of our time and resources.

    Scripture:  John 2:1 - 2:11 , Mark 12:41 - 12:44

  4. 4. Jesus Is Disruptive

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever seen a loved one headed down a path of destruction? Maybe they’ve developed a bad habit or sin pattern and they’re hurting themselves and those around them.

    What did you do? Did you approach them about it and endure the awkwardness and potential consequences? Or did you choose not to say anything?

    In this message, Pete Briscoe looks closely at Luke’s Gospel to examine how Jesus approached these uncomfortable situations. You’ll learn how there are times when He needs us to be a compassionate yet disruptive force in the lives of those we love.

    Scripture:  Luke 11:37 - 11:46 , Luke 10:38 - 10:42

  5. 5. Jesus Is Scandalous

    Pete Briscoe

    Are you too concerned with what others think of you—avoiding situations or changing how you act or respond just to win their approval?

    Time and time again throughout the Gospels we see how Jesus was unafraid of tarnishing His reputation. In fact, He did things that were seen as outlandish and even scandalous.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe shows us several instances when Jesus was far more concerned with loving people than what people thought of Him. You’ll learn how Jesus wants to help you break free from the oppressive need to fit in so you don’t miss out on how He wants to use you to love others.

    Scripture:  Luke 5:12 - 5:16

  6. 6. Jesus Is Cunning

    Pete Briscoe

    Does living as a Christian in this world feel like a never-ending battle?

    Jesus was born behind enemy lines. He dealt with ridicule, persecution, and many people plotting to kill Him throughout His life. But Jesus knew how to handle Himself in battle, and, knowing His disciples would face a similar fight, He made sure to pass along His wisdom before He left the earth.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe shares how Jesus armed Himself in enemy territory and provides a biblical framework for how we, too, can be prepared to face battles of all kinds.

    Scripture:  Matthew 10:16 - 10:18

  7. 7. Jesus Is Fierce

    Pete Briscoe

    We all get upset sometimes—with ourselves, with another person, or with our circumstances. It can bring out pretty ugly sides of us all. But do you think this anger is ever appropriate?

    In the Gospels, we see Jesus as loving, compassionate, gentle, and forgiving, but we also see Him get angry. And when we look closely at these instances of anger, we’ll see very intentional reasons for it.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe examines closely what made Jesus upset and shows us what it would look like for Him to get angry through us.

    Scripture:  Luke 13:31 - 13:33

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