Enjoying the Good Life

Stuart Briscoe

All of us occasionally dream of that "perfect" life here on earth—no bills, no deadlines, no strained relationships, and just a hint of a breeze in our hair as the waves lap at our toes! Though such earthly dreams often burst with a splash of reality, God promises believers a good life that no circumstances can dampen, a life of inner richness and satisfaction that money cannot buy. 

If we are to live the good life and enjoy it to the fullest, the key is to rightly relate to the Lord our God. The Book of Deuteronomy details God's instruction to His people, Israel, as they were about to enter the good land that He had given them. These instructions remain relevant and valuable for Christians today, as Stuart Briscoe teaches in this series.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. What Are We Talking About?

    Stuart Briscoe

    When Jehovah told Moses what to say to the Children of Israel on the eve of their entrance to the Promised Land, He talked about a "good land" (6:18) filled with "good things" (6:11) that He wanted them to "enjoy" (6:2). But He insisted that they must "do what is right and good" (6:18). Anyone interested in enjoying the good life should study what Moses said in Deuteronomy!

    Scripture:  Deuteronomy 1:1 - 1:8

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