Derailed by Doubt

Pete Briscoe

Sometimes small nagging doubts are big enough to knock your belief off track and cause you to question your faith. It might be a question that you can't answer with certainty or something you've observed in the world that doesn't make sense. Or, it might even be that you are swayed by the doubts of others. 

In this series by Pete, he tackles common questions that derail faith, and he takes you to Scripture to find answers and assurance.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 2. Why Should I Trust the Bible?

    Pete Briscoe

    The Bible is the true, inspired Word of God—living and active, timely and timeless, sacred and practical. The sad thing is many in our world and our neighborhoods don't see the Bible as God's infallible love letter to us. They have either been convinced it's unreliable, or they have never really thought about it long enough to make a decision.

    Scripture:  2 Timothy 3:16 - 3:17

  2. 4. How Can You Know God Exists?

    Pete Briscoe

    God cannot be measured, calibrated, cataloged, or experienced with the five senses. You can't touch Him, you can't see Him, and you can't hear Him. That's true of love, too, though, isn't it? You can't experience love with the five senses, but you know it's there because you've felt the effects of it. Just because we can't see or taste something doesn't mean it's not real. And the same is true of God.

    Scripture:  Acts 17:16

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