Christ's Evaluation of His Church

Stuart Briscoe

John, the aged overseer of the church at Ephesus, had been exiled on the island of Patmos because of his faith and ministry. While there, he received a vision, an apocalypse, of Christ that he was required to share with Ephesus and the six other churches around it. Each church received a different message. These same messages from Revelation 1-3 need to be heard today.

Scripture:Revelation 1-3

Messages From This Series:

  1. 8. Whole-Heartedness In the Church - Laodicea

    Stuart Briscoe

    Laodicea, Hierapolis and Colosse were situated within a few miles of each other in the Lycus Valley, due east of Ephesus. Laodicea, which was famous for its wealth, medical expertise, and garment industry, unfortunately lacked an adequate water supply. Christ used all these factors to illustrate His powerful message to the church.

    Scripture:  Revelation 3:14 - 3:22

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