Cheerful Godliness

Stuart Briscoe

In the face of almost every world crisis—terrorism, tsunamis, earthquakes, war—we're reminded how fragile life is. There's a renewed focus on faith and prayer, but when the shock wears off, it seems the zeal for godliness does, too. Part of it is we don't like to be dependent on anything or told what to do. But the other part may be that even believers see a holy life as boring, restrictive, or better left to pastors and those who have an "in" with God. 

If that is what you believe, you're missing out! There's great freedom and joy in living your life in the fullness of what God created you to be. 

So what does godliness really mean, why do we shy away from the topic, and how can embracing godly living actually free us to be more than we believed we could be? Listen to this series as Stuart explores all of these questions and teaches how godliness is not simply a theological discussion—it's a personal relationship between you and your Savior.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. The Priority of Godliness

    Stuart Briscoe

    On September 11, 2001 the world changed but many things stayed the same. We were suddenly, cruelly and viciously, confronted with old realities in a fresh light. Realities such as—this is a dangerous world, evil is present with us, death is inevitable, life is fragile, people have spiritual instincts and God is still God. But what do we do with these insights now seen in sharper focus? We must carry on and live as we ought.

    Scripture:  1 Timothy 2:1 - 2:7

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