A Two-Sided Coin

Pete Briscoe

"If I won the lottery, I would . . . ." 

Have you ever said that or thought it? Whatever words you used to finish that sentence, it probably seemed like a sudden windfall would solve all of your problems. Maybe—or maybe not—because money has two sides to it. Money can be a blessing, or it can bring trouble. 

Pete Briscoe's series takes a close look at what the Bible says about managing money. It's one of the most often discussed topics in Scripture, mentioned in 2,350 verses! Clearly, Jesus knew that we would struggle with money and the importance it has in our lives. What can we learn from the Bible on the subject of budgeting, spending, savings, debt, and the desire for more?

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. The Two Sides of Influence

    Pete Briscoe

    There are two sides of influence for every topic: culture and scripture. Take personal finances for instance. Our culture tells us that the way we handle our hard-earned money is up to us and no one else. However, Scripture tells us that God has boundaries for us in terms of how we handle our finances. But which one do we follow?

    In this message, Pete explains how we can learn to trust the Scriptures to guide us in our finances. 

    Scripture:  John 8:31 - 8:36

  2. 2. The Two Sides of Ownership

    Pete Briscoe

    Buying a home is a big deal. So much time and money is spent saving, searching, and moving. So, when it's finally over, people are proud to say they are homeowners. The same sense of pride for ownership can be said of many other things. But Scripture tells us that we don't own anything at all. In fact, everything we have belongs to God.

    Using the story of Zacchaeus as an example, Pete explains how we can surrender our material possessions to let God lead our lives. 

    Scripture:  Luke 19:1 - 19:10 , Luke 18:18 - 18:25

  3. 3. The Two Sides of Operation

    Pete Briscoe

    It's not uncommon for young children to have problems with sharing. The word "mine" quickly becomes the favorite of their vocabulary. It's their nature to be self-centered. And it's the nature of adults, too. We have a tendency to think about ourselves and our wants much more than God and his desires for us.

    In this message, Pete explains what amazing things can happen in our lives if we focus on being generous.

    Scripture:  Luke 12:13 - 12:21

  4. 4. The Two Sides of the Test

    Pete Briscoe

    Most of us can remember how excited we were to get our drivers license. For many of us, the sense of freedom we felt immediately diminished when we realized that our parents had strict rules and boundaries for our driving. But the more we drove safely and without incident, the more freedom our parents gave us. Our parents were testing us.

    God is also testing us. He is testing our faithfulness.

    In this message, Pete explains how God tests our faith and how, by responding well, we can receive true riches. 

    Scripture:  Matthew 25:14 - 25:23

  5. 5. The Two Sides of Desire

    Pete Briscoe

    "I want more." This statement sums up what today's culture is all about. The "more" mindset can take over people so that all they think about is how to become wealthy and acquire more things. Many of us struggle with this discontentment.

    In this message, Pete dives into 1 Timothy 6 to teach us about what happens when we desire money and how we can find the secret to contentment.

    Scripture:  1 Timothy 6:6 - 6:10 , Hebrews 13:5 - 13:6

  6. 6. The Two Sides of Danger

    Pete Briscoe

    Our culture loves instant gratification. The sooner we can get what we want, the better. As a result, many people find themselves with a lot of financial debt. Although debt may seem harmless, the Bible says it can have dangerous consequences.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explains how debt can be dangerous, how to avoid debt, and what to do if you're in debt. 

    Scripture:  2 Kings 4:1 - 4:7

  7. 7. The Two Sides of Modeling

    Pete Briscoe

    Athletes, singers, and actors often become role models for children. As a result, kids want to be like their role model and do what they do. Young boys might get their favorite baseball player's jersey and play on a little league team so they can be just like their favorite player. 

    This same thing is true with kids and their parents. You may not realize it, but your kids are watching every little thing you do. And as they grow older, they will model your behavior. So, what will your kids learn from you about how to handle money?

    This message by Pete Briscoe explains how parents can be good role models for their kids—particularly in the area of finances. 

    Scripture:  Deuteronomy 6:6 - 6:9

  8. 8. The Two Sides of Pragmatics

    Pete Briscoe

    We've all heard messages that talk about giving to the church. Most messages talk about giving as something to do because the Bible says to give or because the church needs the support. Those are good reasons to give, but they are not the only reasons to give.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explains what exciting things can happen in our lives and in our faith as a result of our giving. 

    Scripture:  1 Timothy 6:17 - 6:19

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