The Secret Weapon to Resist Temptation

Series: Breaking the Grip

Pete Briscoe

Feelings are fleeting. The number of divorces today is evidence of that. In fact, so many of the temptations that trip us up are a result of giving in to feelings—of bitterness, pleasure, power, greed. Feelings can take us down! 

Pete explains the reason we struggle with sin: We don't "feel" like we've died to sin, so we don't live that way. However, the Bible is clear that once we are believers, we are new creations in Christ and sin goes against our new nature. 

It's our choice... we can give in to sin if we choose, but it no longer has power to force us to yield. What temptation do you wrestle with? Listen to Pete's serious but uplifting message on how to face it and gain victory over it.

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