Marriage was created by God and is intended to be a life-long companionship between two people who will stick closer than anybody else to each other—who genuinely love each other at all times. Marriage is a covenant where a man and a woman come together, care for each other, confront each other to build each other up, and counsel each other, in order that there might be growth as individuals and growth as a couple.

The Marriage Covenant

When a man and a woman are married in a church, they are effectively saying, “We want to be married in church by a minister because we recognize the divine dimension of marriage.” That can be quite different from secular thought which assumes that marriage is mankind's idea and that it is evolutionary in its development. So as better ideas emerge, it's acceptable to re-evaluate and redefine both marriage and family. But the Bible affirms that marriage is, indeed, a covenant before God. With God as our witness, we make our marital vows as a solemn commitment to each other before the Lord.

Christian Marriage

But there is more. Marriage is a divine idea and Christian marriage understands and accepts that. When we make a covenant before God something is done to us by God. And what is that? He takes two very different people, and in some remarkable way, through marriage He makes them one. Remember Malachi's words, “Has not the Lord made them one?” (Malachi 2:15). In flesh and in spirit they are His.

To make two people one “in spirit” is different from making them one “in flesh.” Put in very simple terms, when two people become one “in flesh,” it means they have sex. But when two people are one “in spirit” it means something far beyond having sex. It means God is binding their two lives together in marriage, so that over the years, as they pass through changing circumstances, they will discover a oneness of spirit that enables them to respond in ways that serve only to deepen their love and commitment to each other.

The Christian view of marriage is that God joins two people—one male and one female—together, and they become “one flesh.” This unique relationship holds great promise and presents great challenges for all concerned.

How is Christian marriage distinctive?

Why are so many Christian marriages in trouble? We tend to give up on our marriages instead of persevering in them. We consider it success if we don't get divorced, but there's so much more to it than that. In a Christian marriage, the picture is of both spouses graciously serving one another and it is the Holy Spirit who makes this possible.

Marriages need tending and the Bible has much to say about marriage. The resources below can help you find help and guidance in facing the challenges you might have concerning marriage.

Dig deeper into the subject of marriage by exploring the Bible-teaching resources below:

Marriage Resources

A Christian View of Sex

Stuart Briscoe

If we want to think seriously about living as Christians in this world, we have to address the issue of sex. What Scripture teaches and what our society accepts as normal aren't even close.

In this message, Stuart begins in Genesis and shares what God, the inventor of sex, has to say on the subject. And it's more complex than you might think. The question becomes: Will we as believers embrace God's purposeful and strategic design for sex, or continue to pursue worldly sexual pleasure? Click here to listen.


Marriage Made New

Pete Briscoe

If you are trying to do everything right so you can have a happy marriage, you will probably be disappointed. Why? Because satisfying marriages are not something we can create by following a list of to-dos. Great marriages happen when we surrender completely to the Holy Spirit so He can supernaturally give us the power to love our spouse above ourselves.

In this series, Pete tackles some of the most difficult areas of marriage and uncovers the life-giving promises God makes to us when we allow the Spirit to lead us in our marriages. Click here to listen.


To Love and to Cherish

Pete Briscoe

Marriage is hard. There's no way to get around it. When two people commit to sharing their lives forever, there will be seasons in which the relationship is close and satisfying, but there will also be times when one of you feels distant, angry, or just lonely.

The default choice can be to check out, give up, or store up frustration. But in the end, it won't improve your marriage, and it will leave you longing for something more. God doesn't want you to settle for an empty marriage, and you don't have to! Click here to listen.


Extraordinary Marriage

Pete Briscoe

God designed marriage to be an intensely intimate relationship between a husband and wife. Sadly, too many of us, instead, feel our marriages are more like battlegrounds or—equally bad—barren deserts.

Often, we're missing out on a cherished marriage because we're focused on the wrong things—selfish and destructive things like fighting for control, keeping score, and hiding our true selves. How do we achieve the beautiful oneness that God intended for our marriages? Click here to listen.


Sticking Together When We're Pulled Apart

Pete Briscoe

It used to be that a marriage ceremony was the only glue necessary to keep a couple together. But today, more than ever, marriage has come under attack, and there are many forces pulling couples apart: The differences that once attracted us, now bug us. The upbringing hat once formed us, now divides us. The physical intimacy we once craved, now escapes s. And the forever after we dreamed of, now exasperates us.

In this series by Pete Briscoe, he candidly and honestly discusses these issues and takes us to God's Word to show us how married couples can stick together when they're being pulled apart. Click here to listen.


Eight Principles of a Christ-Centered Marriage

Jill Briscoe

If you are trying to build a strong marriage, where should you look for direction? To the one who invented this important relationship—God.

The Bible clearly teaches that God is the source of love and life. Therefore, if we truly want a good "love life," as God intended, our primary focus must be on our relationship with God. He is love and He is life! The better our life with God is, the richer our marriages will be. In this booklet, Jill Briscoe shares eight principles that have been essential in my own and others' marriages. Click here to view.

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