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Secrets to a Successful Marriage Series Artwork

Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Pete Briscoe

There’s no shortage of opinion about how to achieve a great marriage. Yet even with all the advice from popular culture, books, movies, and social media, it’s obvious that so many couples are looking in the wrong places for answers about how to not only stay married, but how to experience a deeply intimate, enriching, and mind-blowing marriage.

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For People on the Grow Series Artwork

For People on the Grow

Stuart Briscoe

Have you ever taken a road trip over several days? Pulled out a map and penciled in where you were starting, where you wanted to be at the end of each day, and where you were ultimately going? You didn't stop when you hit your first overnight stay, did you? You might have been happy to get there and enjoyed getting out of the car and stretching your legs, but you had your eye on your final destination!

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A View from the Porch Swing Series Artwork

A View from the Porch Swing

Jill Briscoe

Sometimes we live in green pastures where everything is lush and peaceful. Other times we're walking in shadows that are dark and foreboding, and we're scared. And then there are moments when we are lucky enough to be on the top of the highest hill, and life couldn't get better.

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The Good Life Series Artwork

The Good Life

Pete Briscoe

When you hear the words “good life,” what comes to mind? Many define it by the success that comes with the right education, career, marriage, or possessions. It sounds appealing, but when we chase after it, we soon realize it’s unattainable. We’re left feeling unsatisfied and incomplete, and we discover it’s nothing but a futile attempt to find life in a lifestyle.

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