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Find JOY in family relationships

Families can be difficult. And it’s no secret that the family is under attack in today’s culture. Families are suffering and struggling.

Tension, pressure, opinions, decisions. But that’s not how it has to be.

When we accept Christ, we receive the Spirit, and not part of the Spirit—all of the Spirit. And the Spirit brings fruit to every facet of our lives, including our families.

Do you see the Holy Spirit at work in your family—do you see joy, kindness, patience, and peace? This month, we want to help you surrender to work of fixing your family to Jesus, so we’ve put together this collection of resources from the Briscoes!

Listen to, read, and watch messages, blogs and videos from Stuart, Jill, and Pete all on the topic of family and relationships. And this month, we’re also featuring a book by Jill called Fight for the Family, and a new compilation by Pete called “Families Made New.” Click here to request this book and CD series combo!



Families Made New

Families Made New

Pete Briscoe

Sharing about his personal experience of journeying from failing and complacent relationships with God and his family to new life, Pete Briscoe teaches from Ephesians to show you what it takes to achieve that kind of transformation in your life.

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Photograph of Family

Family Values

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart’s series is a wake-up call for all believers to know and follow God’s clear directives about marriage and parenting. The reward? God promises when we conduct ourselves according to His values, our lives will be rich and full.

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Celebrating Marriage and Family

Celebrating Marriage and Family

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Advances in modern medicine, a better understanding of a balanced diet, and more attention to exercise all have contributed to people living longer. It would be reasonable to assume, therefore, that people would be married longer, too. But that is not always the case...

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Healing Broken Relationships

Healing Broken Relationships

Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe

Living well can be a daily struggle when we experience difficulties in our relationships. Most of us are more than familiar with the pain of a broken friendship or distant family member. This is a deep study into why we struggle and how we can make our relationships the best they can be.

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Live life in gear

Pete Briscoe

If you’ve ever driven a car with manual transmission, you’ll know what it’s like to hit the gas pedal only to realize the car is in neutral.


Finding true joy in your family

Pete Briscoe

Picture a young child trying to tie his own shoelaces. He bends down, grabs hold of the laces, and gets started. He’s seen other people do it. Surely it can’t be too hard?




Jill Briscoe

Ask the Briscoes: How should I handle being single?

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