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Following rules is something many believers do. How often do we trade in the complete and perfect gift of Jesus for a list of "things" that we've been convinced we need to perfectly execute? And how often do we limit Jesus in our lives because we fail to have a complete and full understanding of Him? Why would anyone want to live this way?
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For every year and every decade of our lives, we can celebrate that God continues to have a purpose for our lives. And no matter our age, our health, or our circumstance, He desires to work through us. Stuart reminds us in this 4-message series that our job is to be available until our dying day.
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Are you going through the motions, doing all the right things, but still can't "find" God? Jill has a shocking answer - stop spending so much energy looking, and let Him find you! Put yourself deliberately in His presence and slow down! He's already there, waiting for you.
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Too many people accept aging as something that simply happens "to" them, where passions fade and purpose is lost. But the truth is, you have reason to embrace life at every stage! Written for all ages, Stuart and Jill Briscoe share what it takes to make your later years the best of your life.
Price: $14.00