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Has darkness crept into your life in a way that feels overwhelming? Drawing from the book of Esther, Jill reminds us to look to the shadows in all circumstances, and we'll find God standing there, orchestrating every detail. Although we may feel swept away by our circumstances, He is there, fully in control. Through Him, we find light in the darkness.
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Ever feel like you've lost your joy? In this book, Jill Briscoe guides you through the challenges of conflict, grief, and the daily grind that have caused Christians to "hang up" their joy like abandoned harps. She eloquently illustrates how Christians - like the exiled Israelites - can regain their joy in God's presence and play their harps in front of a watching world.
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When you look to people and things to meet your needs, you're bound to be hugely disappointed. We know this from experience - yet many of us do this time and time again. Why do we look outside ourselves for happiness and fulfillment? Where do we find true and lasting contentment?
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If you've ever been in a dark place, you know how good it feels to be comforted by people who love you. Sometimes it feels like that encouragement is the only thing that helps you withstand the injustice and hurt you experience. But no one can be with you 24/7 or carry your problems for you. Isn't it a joy to know that Christ is a constant comforter who has promised to never leave you?
Sale Price: $31.00