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From our early teens, we are the target of credit card companies that dangle the carrot of getting whatever we want, right now, with the simple use of a plastic card. Pete unpacks Scripture and sheds light on why so many of us struggle with finances.
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How do you see God? As a strict military drill instructor who expects you to march in sync to a set of "shoulds and should nots"? Or as a dance teacher who instructs and encourages you to keep your eyes on him even when you trip up? Be honest. If you're marching, you're going through the motions rather than embracing the journey God has for you.
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God's unconditional love for us, irrespective of our birth, our family, our culture, who we are, or what we've done, can never be found here on earth. That's the powerful message in this 8-message series from Jill Briscoe. Jill helps us understand our greatest need – to be loved and to love in return – as she looks at the life of David.
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Family, marriage, sexuality, work... what is your value system in these areas? It's important to consider because your values directly influence your behavior. And society is full of conflicting lifestyles and clashing behavior patterns that can rock your existing values. According to the book of Proverbs, the fear of the Lord is where we ought to begin our system of values.
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