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If you've found your spiritual life has grown stale, or you're spiritually hungry, Jill will help you start a fresh conversation with God today. In this book, Jill touches on subjects as tender as anger, self-worth, purpose in life, and waiting on God.
Price: $14.00
Everything you do tells people a little bit about who you are. The way you treat people. How you deal with conflict. What you do when faced with tough decisions. So, if you identify yourself as a follower of Jesus, it's fair to ask... are you living like you mean it?
Sale Price: $26.00
In our rush to simplify and condense, we've narrowed the definition of worship so much that it's lost much of its actual meaning. Worship, in its truest definition, is our continuous, daily response to God's self-revelation. It's how we express the joy and gratitude of our relationship with God.
Sale Price: $12.00
Kids ask parents. Dying patients ask doctors. You might be asking yourself: What happens when we die? Jill gives biblical answers to compelling questions about death, heaven, and hell.
Price: $30.00