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No one is insignificant when they know Jesus. Because Jesus takes ordinary people – people just like you – and does extraordinary things through them. That's how He works. Are you open to Jesus working through you?
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God's unconditional love for us, irrespective of our birth, our family, our culture, who we are, or what we've done, can never be found here on earth. That's the powerful message in this 8-message series from Jill Briscoe. Jill helps us understand our greatest need – to be loved and to love in return – as she looks at the life of David.
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Our world is filled with people who are deeply discouraged, for all sorts of reasons. Often negative experiences have overshadowed their lives and pushed out the positive experiences. But as Christians, we can be a mighty source of encouragement - in fact, we are called to be!
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The way we approach our call from God can determine whether we are effective for Him or not. So we look to leaders who were praised by God as examples of holiness and obedience, and we try to learn from them. Nehemiah was that kind of leader with a passion for God's people.
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