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When life isn't perfect it's easy for people to confuse the events of life with the absence of God. We cry out, "Why!" to God instead of asking Him to strengthen us to endure tough times. Do you trust Him? Are you willing to be chiseled by God into His disciple? (Jeremiah)
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Mention the word church to many people today and if they don't immediately think building, they'll assume you're talking about somewhere you go. But 2,000 years ago, in the early, exciting days of the church, the believers saw the church as a community of the called to which they belonged wholeheartedly.
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For every year and every decade of our lives, we can celebrate that God continues to have a purpose for our lives. And no matter our age, our health, or our circumstance, He desires to work through us. Stuart reminds us in this 4-message series that our job is to be available until our dying day.
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If you've ever driven a manual car, you know what it's like to hit the gas pedal and then suddenly realize that the car is in neutral. Is it possible you're living life this way, stuck in neutral? Living an unexceptional life with unexceptional relationships.
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