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Today, more than ever, marriage has come under attack, and there are many forces pulling couples apart. In this series by Pete Briscoe, he candidly and honestly discusses these issues and takes us to God's Word to show us how married couples can stick together when they're being pulled apart.
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If God granted you one wish, what would it be? More money to ease worries about bills and retirement? A long life with good health? A man or woman who would love you forever and make you happy? Thousands of years ago, God made this offer to Solomon, King David's son, and he chose something interesting: he asked for wisdom.
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Do you find it difficult to openly discuss issues on sexual identity, discretion, and morality from God's point of view? It seems that to an increasing degree the culture would prefer Christians remain silent on the topic of sex and instead embrace all variations of sexuality... promiscuity, sex before marriage, sex with others while married, and sex with the same sex.
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Has darkness crept into your life in a way that feels overwhelming? Drawing from the book of Esther, Jill reminds us to look to the shadows in all circumstances, and we'll find God standing there, orchestrating every detail. Although we may feel swept away by our circumstances, He is there, fully in control. Through Him, we find light in the darkness.
Sale Price: $26.00