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From the beginning of time, God knew that it was unhealthy for us to live in solitude. Yet, also from the beginning of time, we see in Scripture the endless pursuit of the devil to target and destroy relationships. Friendships included.
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Jesus wasn't concerned about what people thought of His actions, and He wasn't afraid to violate prescribed religious laws of the day. He cared about embracing people, teaching them truth, and changing their lives.
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What does it take to change the world? Could a mere woman do that? Could you do that? Throughout history, God has chosen women time and time again to fulfill His plans – women like Eve, Sarah, Miriam, and Rahab. Some of these women were strong leaders, inspiring, and caring. But others were brash, disreputable, skeptical, and stubborn.
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In moments of both trial and success, do you slow down long enough to consider how life's experiences add to your faith? It takes a lifetime to become steeped in wisdom and to daily live in the promises of Christ. In this 3-message series, Stuart and Jill share colorful stories and thought-provoking teaching that wonderfully illustrate how life's experiences can lead to spiritual wisdom.
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