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Jesus' parables about the good Samaritan, the prodigal son, and the home built on sand are more than just entertaining stories. In fact, His parables are so powerful, their messages so universal, that they are known throughout the world to both believers and nonbelievers.
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Most circumstances described as a "shake-up" are bad news, but the greatest shake-up ever known was the Good News of the Gospel, and it changed the world! One way to stand firm and shake things up for Christ is to remain focused on God in every situation.
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Are you interested in an eyewitness account of heaven and of things to come? Stuart encourages you to dive in to the book of Revelation to unravel the apostle John's account of the heavenly realm and future happenings. He explains how to read Revelation, the key truths it contains, and how the words of Revelation can strengthen your faith.
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What is the motivation for sacrificing things, time, energy, and talents now for something we can't even see? What does it mean to be a good steward? One day each of us, individually, will stand at the Judgment Seat, where Jesus will evaluate how we used what God entrusted to us here on earth.
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