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It can be easy to forget that we have an enemy who wants to bring us down. Satan has an army of giants - giant problems, temptations, and circumstances - that he places in our way to destroy us. In God's strength, we can face our giants knowing that He will give us strength for victory, and grace in defeat.
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If you live and breathe, you struggle with temptation. Sometimes you resist, but often you give in and feel guilty. You may berate yourself for not having enough willpower, or decide it's not worth fighting anymore since you've failed again and again. We forget who we are in Christ!
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Do you look at people who seem to have their lives perfectly together and wonder how they do it? We see people who appear to be successful and happy, but inside they are dealing with feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose. Maybe this describes you, too. What we portray to the world is seldom an indicator about what's going on in our hearts.
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Most circumstances described as a "shake-up" are bad news, but the greatest shake-up ever known was the Good News of the Gospel, and it changed the world! One way to stand firm and shake things up for Christ is to remain focused on God in every situation.
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