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From needing encouragement, to keeping relationships strong, to finding our identity, to believing the Bible as truth and the foundation for finding meaning in our lives — the messages in this collection point people to the fullness of Life found only in Christ.
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We have an amazing knack for trivializing the momentous, ignoring the profound, and embracing the superficial. That's what we've done to Christmas. We've completely lost the point of it, which is that we can have a fresh start because God sent His son, Immanuel, to be with us and rescue us from our sin.
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Fear is a powerful emotion that comes crashing in when something in your life seems out of control. A health problem, a wayward child, a lost job... many different situations can send you reeling. You know the Bible tells you not to fear, but how do you stop?
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When we hear the word Christmas, many of us think of all the time spent finding the perfect gifts for the ones we love. God's perfect Christmas gift for us was His Son. In this message, Jill Briscoe offers us the opportunity to have our first real Christmas through accepting the indescribable gift that God has given us. II Corinthians 9:6-15
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