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How do you see God? As a strict military drill instructor who expects you to march in sync to a set of "shoulds and should nots"? Or as a dance teacher who instructs and encourages you to keep your eyes on him even when you trip up? Be honest. If you're marching, you're going through the motions rather than embracing the journey God has for you.
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Today, more than ever, marriage has come under attack, and there are many forces pulling couples apart. In this series by Pete Briscoe, he candidly and honestly discusses these issues and takes us to God's Word to show us how married couples can stick together when they're being pulled apart.
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Has darkness crept into your life in a way that feels overwhelming? Drawing from the book of Esther, Jill reminds us to look to the shadows in all circumstances, and we'll find God standing there, orchestrating every detail. Although we may feel swept away by our circumstances, He is there, fully in control. Through Him, we find light in the darkness.
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"Get a life!" When you hear that, it's usually a sarcastic put-down, but the truth is that all of us seek a full, satisfying life. We just don't know how to get one. Even though we spend a majority of our time on earth trying to make a living, many of us never really get around to ever having a "life."
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