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Are you trying to be the "perfect" Christian? It's exhausting, isn't it? It's also unnecessary. We're told we have to work for what we want and that performance is what leads to success. The problem is we carry that worldly belief into our spiritual lives, too.
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Living well can be a daily struggle when we experience difficulties in our relationships. Most of us are more than familiar with the pain of a broken friendship or distant family member. Others struggle because their relationships are superficial and just aren't living up to their potential.
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A black belt in martial arts is an impressive accomplishment that requires time and discipline. No one earns a black belt by reading about it – you have to do it! So why do we think we can live godly lives simply by reading what we are supposed to do? It requires practice in the "spiritual" arts to live holy lives.
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Who is the greatest teacher who ever lived? Many people would point to Jesus Christ and recognize the significance of His teaching. So what could be more important than knowing what was taught by the One who claimed to speak the words of God? What did Jesus teach about responsibility, humility, forgiveness, and faith?
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