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You may pray for your kids or your marriage or even financial stability. All of these are good things to bring before God, but prayer is more than earthly requests. It's meant to be much more! Making prayer a priority amid your busy schedule is work - but prayer works!
Price: $37.00
Have you ever become weary in prayer? Have you ever wished someone would disciple you in prayer? Have you ever been tempted to give up in prayer? Then discover with Jill the power of prayer in a whole new way, and put an end to ineffective praying.
Price: $15.00
Are you ready to really let go and let Jesus? With our mouths, we readily claim, "Jesus is the answer!" But in our hearts and in our actions, we struggle to embrace in tangible and pragmatic ways the freedom we have in Jesus. Maybe the reason we struggle is because our focus is on trying to imitate Christ - when most of us have no idea what Jesus would do in everyday situations.
Sale Price: $45.00
"Where did the time go?" Most of us have asked that question at some point in our lives. The end of a year and the beginning of a new year confront us with the passage of time.
Price: $5.00