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If God granted you one wish, what would it be? More money to ease worries about bills and retirement? A long life with good health? A man or woman who would love you forever and make you happy? Thousands of years ago, God made this offer to Solomon, King David's son, and he chose something interesting: he asked for wisdom.
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Following rules is something many believers do. How often do we trade in the complete and perfect gift of Jesus for a list of "things" that we've been convinced we need to perfectly execute? And how often do we limit Jesus in our lives because we fail to have a complete and full understanding of Him? Why would anyone want to live this way?
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Life is full of squalls - sudden unannounced and unexpected storms that can lead us to question if God is in control of our lives. Death, sickness, unemployment, broken relationships, fears and failures are some of the troubles Satan uses to swamp us with doubt. How do you respond when you're hit with the squalls of life? (Mark 4)
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Few people will disagree that the state of our world is not as it ought to be. All around us we witness hostility between people and nations and see Christian values sidelined by pluralism and the dogma of political correctness. Is it possible to be a voice for truth in times such as these?
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