I'd like to buy a buck

I was a teenager when my dad enlightened me to the crux of my generation...

Dance on display

Dancing would be a whole lot easier if someone would just show us all how to exactly move our bodies.

Beyond obligation

Living in the white space—between releasing legalism and living by the Spirit—is dangerous, friends.

Neither marching nor dancing

There’s some white space in Paul’s letter to the Galatians, and this space can find us stuck and stagnant.

Wandering the wilderness

You got the message: God loves me and I don’t have to do X anymore. You left old covenant living behind.


There are some places you shouldn’t stop halfway—a road, for instance.

Simple spirit

An unexpected bonus of raising teens is getting to know their friends. One particular friend seemed to be having a hard time.

Too tired for eternity

A daughter loves it when her daddy reminds her of her princess status. With so many voices telling her otherwise...

To kill an octopus

Living in the flesh is exhausting. You try to self-improve every day. You try to keep up with all the things you think...

I smell your flesh

There are some things in life that just reek—and death is one of them. Most of us hold our breath...

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