Does it blow you away?

I've been studying this "righteousness" stuff for a long time. I'm a professional Christian, right?

You're blessed to be blameless

The best things in life are free. That's great news to everyone who understands God's grace and walks in His Spirit.

Got gunnysack?

Satan is really good at a lot of things. But you probably don't know that he is the ultimate gunnysacker.

Dropping your guard with Jesus

It's the classic nightmare. Imagine that you find yourself in the middle of Times Square of New York completely naked... on New Year's Eve.

Open your eyes

Cabo San Lucas is close to paradise on earth: Opulent resorts, ports for giant cruise ships, gorgeous oceans, and stunning landscape everywhere.

The fight for your heart

I think we can all agree that whenever there is a conflict, it's over something seen as valuable.

Your next step

If I told you I could push a button right now and transfer a million dollars to your bank account, how many of you would feel a little better?

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