Nate should have been playing on the school’s sports teams.

Reaching downward

Thirty-some years ago, while on a mission trip in the Philippines with my basketball team...

Status dispute

“Elevation by Association.” We all know it. We’ve all thought it.

I’m number one!

In his book, Descending into Greatness, Bill Hybels wrote about the pecking order of chickens.

The spirit of competition

Some people might describe me as competitive. Why does that have to be a negative thing?

Letting God do His thing

How is it possible that one verse tells how Jesus gave the disciples power and authority to drive out evil spirits, but just a few verses later we read about their failure to do just that?

He comes running

Parents, you know about getting the baby to sleep.

What makes Jesus impatient?

We don’t think of Jesus as impatient. Yet as we read the Gospels, we see impatience is a (holy) attribute of His personality.

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