A word from Stuart | What happened in Vegas

The suggestive ad utilized by the city of Las Vegas says, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But what happened in Vegas cannot, must not, and will not stay in Vegas.

Peer-pressured honesty

I was with my daughter at a retreat, when the speaker instructed us to write an honest prayer.

When you’re failing at many things...

You’d think pure and sincere devotion to Christ would be one of the qualifiers God looks for in a person He calls to pastor.

Finding freedom in dependency

The law was not designed to bring freedom. It was designed as a fence creating a place of captivity...

Designed to make you desperate

The law is not designed to make you a disciple. The law is designed to make you desperate.

Provocative law

Some scholars suggest the law is “provocative.” It not only names our sins, but also causes sin to increase.

Expiration Date A.D. 30-33

Before you rip out the pages of Deuteronomy and Leviticus, let’s wrestle with the biblical tension between law and freedom.

Why do we have the law?

Tension results from unknowns. It exists to keep an audience engaged and asking good questions.

Nostalgia for the soul

I don’t miss the days before GPS; when I meant to end up one place, but no voice told me to “turn left” and “keep right.”

Hand in hand

The word bewitched is used in the book of Acts twice. It means “to be fixated upon something that is going to destroy you.”

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