True Identity

Pete Briscoe

How do you identify yourself? As a sinner saved by grace? Or a saint who occasionally sins? Believers are called "saints" in the Bible 56 times and sinners just 3 times. You may not feel like a saint, and you may not always act like one, but God says you are a saint because of what Jesus did for you on the cross! What grace! 

The bottom line is you are called to live up to what you already are and embrace your true identity in Christ. In this series, Pete delves into what it means to live as a saint, especially when you wrestle with a will and a culture that's drawn to worldly desires.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Everyone Loves a Mystery

    Pete Briscoe

    A mystery is about being strung along. It's getting a hint here or there, discovering something, and trying to put it all together. There's one mystery that stands out from all others, and that mystery is in the Bible. In this message, Pete looks at the book of Colossians and dives into the mystery that the apostle Paul reveals to us. 

    Scripture:  Colossians 1 , Colossians 2

  2. 2. The Line

    Pete Briscoe

    Family, TV, vacations, and sunny days are all things that many of us love. But these things are just temporary. And although God has given us these things to enjoy, He does not want temporary things to be all we focus on. Instead, He wants us to set our hearts on eternal things.

    In this message, Pete uses the illustration of "The Line" to teach us to apply the Bible in a whole new way so that we can discipline ourselves to set our hearts and minds on Christ. 

    Scripture:  Colossians 1 , Colossians 3

  3. 3. Saint Who?

    Pete Briscoe

    Teenagers tend to let their emotions lead them in their decision making. How they are feeling about their friends or the person they are dating dictates how they treat everyone else and what they do. As they grow older, this gets better, but it never really goes away. As adults, it can still be hard for us not to let our emotions lead us in some situations.

    In this message, Pete discusses our spiritual identity by describing a diagram we can follow to help us understand how to make godly choices.

  4. 4. My Identity

    Pete Briscoe

    Trust is arguably the most important part of a relationship. The same is true of our relationship with Christ. When we trust in God and the truths He has provided to us through His word, amazing things can happen.

    In this message, Pete talks about how we can discover the difference God's amazing biblical truths can have in our lives. 

    Scripture:  Romans 6

  5. 5. Offer It

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you ever wonder how we can live our lives for Christ when it can seem so easy for us to fall into sin? Indwelling sin is a force within us that tries to encourage us to make bad choices. But we can look at Jesus' life as an example because He showed that it is possible to live in dependence on God to overcome sin.

    In this message, Pete explains how we can overcome the pull of sin and turn our bodies into instruments of righteousness.

    Scripture:  Philippians 3:16 - 3:20

  6. 6. The Threefold Interlock

    Pete Briscoe

    Most parents will agree that it's so rewarding when their kids choose to obey them. They also may agree that this doesn't always happen because kids have their own free will and often choose to do what they want to do. Jesus was God's son, and although He had His own free will, He chose not to follow it. Instead, He depended on the Father.

    In this message, Pete describes how we can surrender our lives to God so we can live a life of dependence.

    Scripture:  John 14:6

  7. 7. The Y in the Path

    Pete Briscoe

    The Bible tells us we should trust God and be completely dependent on Him. But trusting God to guide us in our work, finances, serving, and family can be really hard and scary to do.

    In this message, Pete discusses three reasons we avoid having complete trust and dependence on God and explains how we can overcome them so we can live for Him.

    Scripture:  Hebrews 11

  8. 8. Brothers Who Stick Close

    Pete Briscoe

    Many siblings have a special bond—a connection that makes them very close. This closeness means they share their joy, struggles, and love with each other. In the same way that we have brothers and sisters as siblings, we have brothers and sisters in Christ.

    In this message, Pete describes 10 things that we have in common as brothers and sisters in Christ so that we can grow in our relationships with one another and as a church body.

    Scripture:  Colossians 1:1 - 1:2

  9. 9. Remaining in Christ

    Pete Briscoe

    If you are a gardener or know someone who likes to garden, you know that many plants grow best when they are pruned. To do this, the gardener will cut off the branches that are dead or that get in the way of new ones underneath so that the plant can blossom into something big and beautiful. In the same way, when we remain in Christ, God prunes us so we can grow to bear more fruit.

    In this message, Pete describes five different kinds of fruit we can bear if we remain in Christ. 

    Scripture:  John 15

  10. 10. The Great Story

    Pete Briscoe

    There is a general pattern to every great story. Most stories start with everything going great, and then there's a crisis and a hero emerges to save everyone. In the end, there is resolution and everything goes back to normal. If you think about most movies and books, you'll see this pattern. There is one story that is greater than all the rest... and that is the story of our salvation.

    In this message, Pete explores this story, following the pattern, to expose the true consequences of our sin in order to help us understand what it really means to be "saved" in Christ.

    Scripture:  Romans 3

  11. 11. The Ultimate Do Over

    Pete Briscoe

    When kids play games, there are many times when they have a hard time deciding what happened during the play of the game. They argue about it until someone says, "Let's just do it over." This means that the kids do the whole play over and act like the first one never happened.

    This can happen in our lives when we are regenerated through being born again. We get to "do it over." The problem is that many of us don't fully understand what being born again means.

    In this message, Pete looks at the story of Nicodemus to help us understand how we can know if we are truly born again.

    Scripture:  John 3

  12. 12. Question & Answer Time

    Pete Briscoe

    Most of us can remember cartoons where the main character has to decide whether to do something good or do something bad. A little angel pops up on one shoulder and a little devil pops up on the other. The character has to choose between good and evil.

    Some of us think that this is how it works for us in our daily lives—we either choose to sin or not to sin. But this is not the case.

    In this message, Pete answers two big questions that most of us have regarding sin.

    Scripture:  Romans 6:1

  13. 14. Everything's Different Now

    Pete Briscoe

    You've probably heard new believers say about their salvation, "Everything's different now." And maybe you asked them, "Like what? What's different?" A lot of times, they don't know how to answer that question. Those of us who have been Christians for a while still may not know how our lives are different because of Christ.

    In this message, Pete talks about 10 ways our lives change when we put our trust in Christ. He helps us see how these changes can positively impact our lives and the lives of others. 

    Scripture:  2 Corinthians 5:11 - 5:21

  14. 15. Evidence of Grace

    Pete Briscoe

    A topic often discussed in Christian circles is grace-based faith versus law-based faith. It is our nature to gravitate toward a law-based faith. In fact, we do this without even realizing it. It's as simple as convincing yourself that God will not bless your day because you missed your morning quiet time. This law-based thinking is not what God wants us to have.

    In this message, Pete explains the importance of grace-based faith and gives us three Bible passages that are evidence of God wanting us to live in His grace. 

    Scripture:  Matthew 20:1 - 20:16

  15. 16. The Color of Grace

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever come to a fork in the road of life that forced you to make a big decision? We face forks like this all the time in our Christian walk. If we learn to choose the right path, our relationship with God and with others can grow leaps and bounds.

    In this message, Pete tackles some of these forks, including looking at "gray areas" in Scripture, forgiveness, giving, and service.

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