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Pete Briscoe

"Live in the Moment!" It's a favorite mantra for many that encourages us to enjoy life to the fullest now because we don't know what will happen tomorrow. 

Actually, followers of Christ do know what's coming in the future—the Bible says we will stand before Jesus in heaven and be rewarded for what we did with the resources we were given, in the power of the Spirit. Amazing! We receive the reward for what He did through us. Now that's a different perspective, and one that should change the way you shape your priorities, decisions, finances, and time. 

Pete teaches this eye-opening series on stewardship, but not like you've ever heard before. He dismantles myths about money, priorities, and tithing, and replaces them with a refreshing and exciting vision—that stewardship is investing in anything and everything that's important to God. Learn what He can do in you and through you when you release your grip on what you've been given and "Live in His Moment!"

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. The Big Moment: Rewards in Heaven

    Pete Briscoe

    When you think of the judgment seat of Christ, how does it make you feel? Does it make you feel frightened? If you are a believer, it shouldn't! The judgment seat of Christ, or Bema, will be a time when those who are in Christ receive their reward, and we, like those who have gone before us in the faith, should look forward to it with eager anticipation.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe tells us what the Bema is and how we as Christians should live our lives today in light of it.

    Scripture:  2 Corinthians 5:10

  2. 2. The Big Conversation: You, Jesus, and the Bema

    Pete Briscoe

    When each of us stands before the Bema, the judgment seat of Christ, what sort of conversation are we going to have with Jesus? How can we know what sort of things Christ will reward us for, and how should we live our lives today in light of those things?

    In this message, Pete Briscoe gives us an acrostic for bema to help us remember what Jesus wants to see in our lives at the Bema.

    Scripture:  Luke 14 , Matthew 5:11

  3. 3. The Big Mistake: Trusting Money

    Pete Briscoe

    If someone were to offer you a million dollars right now, how would you feel? Most of us would probably be pretty excited, and we'd feel really hopeful - think of all the problems money could solve! But this kind of thinking shows just how much we put our trust in money. While money itself isn't a bad thing, how we make money an idol in our lives is. Jesus talked about money a lot because he knew it would be the biggest competitor for our hearts. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe warns us about the dangers that money can bring and shares with us Paul's advice to the wealthy church of Ephesus.

    Scripture:  Luke 12 , Matthew 13:22

  4. 4. The Big Aha: Stewardship Myths Debunked

    Pete Briscoe

    There are many beliefs about money, tithing, and stewardship—even within the church—that can complicate our views on giving. These beliefs can make us think of money as a means of happiness, be prideful of our hard work in earning money, idolize money, or be locked into giving only a certain percentage of money. How do we avoid those pitfalls and "give cheerfully," as the Bible tells us? 

    In this message, Pete debunks four commonly held beliefs about money and stewardship, and offers us a radical change in viewpoint regarding what we do with "our" money.

    Scripture:  Matthew 25:14 - 25:28

  5. 5. The Big Paradigm Shift: Giving vs. Getting

    Pete Briscoe

    We've all heard the old adage, "It is better to give than to receive"—but how many of us actually believe it? Given the choice to buy something we've wanted for a long time for ourselves or to give the money away, which would we choose? We would probably be reasonably happy with that thing we chose to buy, but when God prompts us to give, there are numerous eternal blessings we receive instead of that momentary happiness. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe expounds on the different kinds of blessing we receive when we give generously and challenges us to open ourselves up to God's prompting in our finances.

  6. 6. The Big Blessing: The Grace of Giving

    Pete Briscoe

    When we think about giving, a lot of questions might pop into our heads. How much should I give? To whom should I give? How often should I give? While everyone is in a different situation in life, some of the answers to those questions are the same for all of us. According to Paul, giving is grace, and it is meant to enrich our lives as givers! 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe walks us through Paul's directions to the Corinthians regarding giving and shows us how these truths apply to us as well.

    Scripture:  1 Corinthians 16:1

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