The Heart of Christmas

Pete Briscoe

Where do you turn in the Bible to prepare your heart for Christmas? 

Most of us are very familiar with the story of Christ's birth... Mary's visit from the angel, the trip to Bethlehem, and His birth in a barn. Jesus' entrance into our world is a beautiful example of God's love for us, but it's not where the story of redemption begins. 

In Pete's 2-message series, he explains that God's plan to reconcile us to Him began long before Jesus' birth. It actually began the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God!  

If you want a fresh perspective of Christmas, or if you don't think you're good enough to be part of the story of God's forgiveness and salvation, follow Pete as he takes you through the Old Testament to a little town called Bethlehem. You'll learn how God took people with questionable backgrounds, rescued them from desperate situations, and then included them in an incredible plan to bring salvation to us all!

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. O Little Town

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever asked yourself why it was so important to God that Jesus was born in Bethlehem? The Old Testament foretold that the Messiah would be born there, and yet, Bethlehem was a tiny, rather insignificant town to most people. What was so special about Bethlehem? Pete answers this question by sharing another beautiful story of redemption that took place in Bethlehem long before Jesus came to earth. 

    Scripture:  Ruth 1 - 4

  2. 2. Christmas Hints

    Pete Briscoe

    Some people are so excited about finding the perfect Christmas gift, they drop hints about what it is. They can't help it! They're just bursting with anticipation. 

    Scripture says God loves giving extravagantly to us, too. He carefully planned His greatest gift to you and me, but it would be thousands of years before He would actually give it to us. Between the Fall and Christmas morning, do you know what He did? He dropped hints about his magnificent gift over and over in the Old Testament!

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