Marriage Made New

Pete Briscoe

If you are trying to do everything right so you can have a happy marriage, you will probably be disappointed. Why? Because satisfying marriages are not something we can create by following a list of to-dos. Great marriages happen when we surrender completely to the Holy Spirit so He can supernaturally give us the power to love our spouse above ourselves. 

In this series by Pete, he tackles some of the most difficult areas of marriage and uncovers the life-giving promises God makes to us when we allow the Spirit to lead us in our marriages:

  • Submission and how it's different than you think
  • Drifting apart - living in two-ness instead of oneness
  • Finding hope even when your marriage isn't all you want it to be
  • Sex and the lie Hollywood wants you to believe

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Attitude Matters

    Pete Briscoe

    Attitude can make all the difference—especially in marriage. Arguing with your spouse goes a whole lot differently when those involved take the time to positively adjust their attitudes. The trick is to know how to make this attitude adjustment.

    In this message, Pete studies submission in a whole new and exciting way so that we all can have a great marriage attitude.

    Scripture:  Ephesians 5

  2. 3. The Nitty Gritty

    Pete Briscoe

    In Ephesians 5, it says husbands love your wives and wives submit to your husbands. This text has been interpreted many different ways. But how do husbands love their wives the way God intended, and what does it mean when it says wives submit to your husbands?

    In this message, Pete dissects this often confusing text to help us get to the core of what it really means so that we can learn the secret to an amazing marriage.

    Scripture:  Ephesians

  3. 4. One Flesh

    Pete Briscoe

    Our culture tells us that sexual satisfaction is found not with your spouse, but out there with someone else—anyone else. The worldly message is that life with just one person is boring and predictable. But God created sex and he had something much more wonderful in mind. God meant for sex to be between husband and wife, and he meant for it to be amazing.

    In this message, Pete helps us understand what God has planned for us.

    Scripture:  Ephesians 5

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